Leave the tripod at home

Wildlife presentations usually create a lot of interest from our members and this week was no exception as we welcomed Bob Ryan and Alison Price to what was virtually a full house. We were taken on a short trip around the World starting with the Mountain Gorillas in the mountains of the Virunga National Park, Rwanda.

This was followed by the delightful Proboscis Monkeys and Orang-utans of Borneo and, before the interval, the Big Cats and animals of the African Plains.

Next, South Alaska, to the wild Katmai Peninsula where Bob had a close encounter with a ‘Grizzly’, while photographing bears catching salmon.

Finally, down to the Southern Hemisphere, and spectacular Antarctica with Albatross, Whales, Seals and Penguins.

Thanks to Bob and Alison for showing us their beautiful photographs, most of which were taken without a chance of setting up a tripod.

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