Feb 27th. Derwood Pamphilon – Dance, Portraiture & Derelict Environments

Derwood went back to his hobby of photography with a vengeance after retiring just 5 and half years ago. He developed his interest in portraiture armed with just a Nikon D80 and a spare bedroom. He quickly progressed from what he described as ‘Basic’ images to what we in the audience would consider as complex and compelling.
Derwood showed digital and print images from his performance photography collection that captured the essence of all that is graceful and emotive in ballet. His images were characterised by light, graceful movements that were captured at just the right moment.
We also enjoyed a selection of photographs that were captured using models photographed in a wide range of derelict environments such as a disused swimming pool that has been preserved as a studio and other derelict factories. Some of these images were inspiring examples of what can be achieved using gentle compositing skills.
Another outstanding evening that was enjoyed by members of all different ages and abilities.
You can see more of Derwood’s work by visiting his website using this link: http://www.derwoodphotography.com/

Come back soon Derwood!

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