11th April 2017 – Visit of North West Bristol Club to SYPC

Last year a small group of SYPC members visited the North West Bristol Camera Club (NWBCC), in order to share with NWBCC some typical work of our SYPC members. This year on April 11th. 2017, NWBCC attended our club, in order to share with us some typical work of their membership. Effectively a reciprocal arrangement to share and exchange views. Without a doubt the latest evening was a complete success and SYPC was enthralled with the Professionalism, Enthusiasm, Quality and Range of the material presented. Below is a short summary of the 4 topics presented together with a small sample of the digital images.

Sandie Cox (ARPS,CPAGB) – Sandie is no stranger to our club, we have already seen Sandie as a judge in 2017 and in 2018 Sandie  is scheduled to talk to us about one of her many Photographic Trips. Sandie presented a collection of ‘some’ of her favorite prints. We were fortunate as we were able to observe a judge critiquing her own work – fascinating. The prints were exceptional and it was clear that Sandie was most at home with her Natural History Wild Animal work, particularly the larger animals like Elephants and Cheetahs to name just 2. So we all look forward to seeing more of that in 2018.

Phillipa Crabbe – Phillipa treated us to a fascinating presentation of Macro ‘like’ bugs and insects. She did warn us before she started the presentation, but in truth they were all quite sweet and cuddly ! We saw a variety of quite beautiful bees, hover flies, butterflies and many other flying insects.

It was clear that Phillipa was enthralled with her topic and was both passionate and extremely knowledgeable about the whole subject. We were also intrigued that Philippa managed all these exquisite digital images, hand held with a small compact Canon camera. This just shows what can be achieved with patience and a passion. As we have said many times at our club it isn’t all about Pixels, but Composition and Patience plays a huge part.

Phil Jenkins – showed us about 20 digital images based in and around the Somerset and Dorset Railway Trust and the West Somerset Railway. One of the highlights of the presentation was clearly Phil at the controls driving a REAL Steam Train.

It was abundantly clear that Phil’s first love was as a Steam Rail enthusiast. His technical knowledge of the Steam Trains and their history was second to none. Phil’s enthusiasm was infectious so much so that I’m certain that some of us will be taking a trip to Minehead to explore the West Somerset Railway at first hand.

Ralph Snook (ARPS EFIAP DPAGB) –We also know Ralph quite well at SYPC as he has judged and presented to us before. Ralph walked us through an excellent set of digital images taken on a recent photographic trip to Bulgaria. Whilst presenting the images Ralph articulated a number of humorous stories about the frustrations associated with trying to capture fast moving birds (Hoopoe and Bee Eaters) and small mammals (Souslik). However that said the images were truly outstanding and as a presentation package it was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

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