24th July 2017 – Being Digital by Matt Revell

Another stunning evening at SYPC on Monday night. Matt Revell took us through his ‘Being Digital’ presentation and it was outstanding. Matt started his photographic journey in 2011, and what a portfolio he has developed in those 6 years. The presentation was even more impressive when you realise that Matt also holds down a full time job as an Engineer.

Matt broke the evening up into 3 sections –

For the first section he took us through his logic and thought processes when preparing for and actually taking the shot. Here he also talks about his kit (stressing that his kit is a tool) and it is the image that is paramount.

The next sections were the body of the presentation where we saw over 150 excellent digital images on Landscapes, Portraiture and Glamour.

Each image Matt was able to describe the how and why he took the shot and the level of post processing required to create the desired effect and impact.


This was an excellent and enjoyable evening of Digital Images.





Much of Matt’s work is very local to our area and it really brought home just what is available if you ‘look’ and ‘plan’.



We look forward to seeing Matt Revell at SYPC in the near future

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