18th September 2017 – Brian Wetton – “The Way I see it”

Brian opened the evening by describing himself as a “Holiday Snapper – somebody who enjoys taking record shots.” He told us that he doesn’t go out “On a Mission”, but that he admires people who do – from the warmth of his bed !
We heard that Brian had realised some years ago, that practising photographers who get out with their cameras at every opportunity, and who enjoy entering or viewing competition images, naturally develop a ‘Photographers Eye,’ something that no amount of money can buy. Brian’s current equipment bag contains 1 camera body and a single lens, a Nikon D5500 and a Nikkon 18-200mm VR Lens. This allows him to travel light. He shoots hand held, doesn’t use a tripod, because he feels that the combination of such a superb, class-leading brand of camera, coupled with a 18-200mm vibration reduction lens, gives him, in his words – ‘About 4 extra stops.’



by Brian Wetton




This equipment combination, coupled with his down-to-earth philosophy of “Take pictures of what you like and be happy with your photography” proved to be the gateway to an evening of spectacular prints, digital images and two mesmerising audio-visual presentations.

Brian’s images were breath-taking. They were Jaw-droopingly sharp, and superbly composed.


By Brian Wetton



Every image had something special, either in vivid colours, beauty or location. Our virtual journey took us to many exotic locations that included Nepal, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Egypt and Essex!

This was another wonderful evening of superb photography and entertaining presentation style that was thoroughly enjoyed by members.

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