25th September 2017 – Ray Grace – “A hands on Macro Evening”.

Another extremely active and successful President’s evening on September 25. Our President, Ray Grace (LRPS), led the membership through a ‘hands on’ interactive Macro session. As usual Ray’s willingness to share his knowledge and to demonstrate the ‘how’ and ‘why’, lived up to his usual high standard.


“Ray – explaining his kit and technique”




Ray commenced the evening by setting up the first Macro group and walked us through his preferred equipment for close work. Ray uses a Canon (a very wise choice), full frame camera and a Prime Macro lens. He then moved on to describe his tripod and the adjustable Macro Slide. He explained that with such a wide aperture and hence narrow depth of field, a single shot may not be sharp through the image. Hence his preferred method is to take a series of images at different focus points by moving the Macro slide and then blend the stack of images (say 5 or more) in Photoshop. The objective, after post processing, is to have 1 sharp image throughout the whole depth of the subject.



“A more detailed discussion”



Having completed that discussion, we were then walked through the various LED lights Ray prefers, the back drop frame and the various back drops were displayed as were the clamps for holding the specimens in place. Finally we were shown a simple plant sprayer (filled with water), to give the specimen plants tiny water droplets to add to the quality of the composition.

Ray then proceeded to take a series of shots of his specimen Rose, moving the adjustable Macro slide, until he had enough images to blend together to produce a single sharp shot. Ray promised to Post Process the Photo Stack in his own time. We look forward to seeing the finished product at our next members evening in November.

For the rest of the evening the members had the opportunity to practice their Macro techniques using various objects, flowers, poker dice and a moving pocket watch to name just a few.


“Something not right here”




Additionally Ray was seen to be walking round the various tables with his usual enthusiasm to answer any queries on Camera and Photographic techniques.
Another excellent ‘hands on’ learning evening at SYPC – with special thanks to Ray for taking us so clearly through the Macro topic.

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