2nd October – Martin Horton – An evening with Martin

The evening began with Martin’s Burma travelogue. Martin takes pictures that he feels have something of merit. He will then work to create a salon-style end product. His presentation comprised of a digital presentation with some example prints to view during the break.

The second part of the evening allowed us to look at some recent salon-style end products from many and varied locations. We were privy to a breakdown as to how he worked his magic, often involving numerous 20-plus layers in Photoshop.

Martin has traveled to much of Indo-China. He enjoys traveling light. He carries just a Nikon and one lens.

We enjoyed the sights of Rangoon, Mount Popa, and Mandalay. Martin’s quote of the evening was “There were pictures to be had everywhere you looked, including scores of temples, but after all it’s about the people”. This phrase had a big impact on Martin’s audience and drew our eyes to the overpowering character etched on the faces of the people in his images that seem to say so much about the locations of his subjects.

This was a jaw-dropping evening. Members left feeling inspired and in awe, describing the evening as “Another wonderful evening of travel and technology.”

Martin is a very modest yet extremely accomplished photographer, one who’ll take a lot of time perfecting his images. You can see more of Martin’s work via Facebook, flickr and pinterest.

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