9th October 2017 – Ian McGuire – ‘Gardening for Wildlife’

At very short notice Ian McGuire, a local South Gloucestershire freelance wildlife educator, stepped into the breach (due to the planned speaker having to cancel), with an extremely thought provoking talk on how to convert your average domestic garden into a haven to attract all manner of wildlife (mammals, birds and insects) to name just a few.

For over 20 years Ian has worked tirelessly to raise awareness of the conservation of wild owls and other birds. More recently he has added Gardening for Wildlife into his range of talks. We were treated to his talk “Gardening for Wildlife – Part 1”, we wait in anticipation to see if we can persuade Ian to come back to SYPC with his Part 2 talk on the next stage of this intriguing, interesting and thought provoking project .

Ian treated us to a journey of images narrated as to how to convert a normal garden to become a haven and attraction for all manner of wildlife. Ian walked us through and demonstrated with images how he has encouraged a massive list of visitors to his garden including kingfishers, badgers, tawny owls, common newts, slow worms, all sorts of insects, moths and butterflies and over 50 species of bird.
It is true to say that Ian’s passion for Wildlife and conservation shone through during the whole of his presentation, his enthusiasm was quite infectious and yes we would all love to see that Kingfisher, Badger or even a slow worm appearing  in our own gardens and foraging for the odd peanut.
We all look forward to Ian joining us again with his next installment.

Ian’s website can be found at http://wildowl.co.uk

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