15th January 2018 – Tim Knifton – The Art of Urban Exploration.

Tim Knifton attended SYPC to deliver his talk on the Art of Urban Exploration. This talk comprised of a set of over 150 photos taken from many of the countries that he has visited since photographing abandoned buildings. The work included different viewpoints of scenes of dereliction both home and abroad and included places such as churches, car graveyards, castles, homes, hospitals and old historic buildings. These scenes were shot in places many do not visit and are almost always away from the public eye.


(I’ll sleep when I’m dead)

by Tim Knifton



Nowadays, the terms of street and urban photography are often used interchangeably, both referring to the art of capturing cityscapes and people within them.
Yet, urban photography is still a relatively new word or expression, coined within the last decade. Its place and role in the history of photography might be a bit perplexing and undefined.
Tim Knifton (LRPS, CPAGB, AFIAP, AWPF PSA*6), changed all of that with his stunning presentation of abandoned and decayed buildings that are largely unseen places that are away from the public eye. We were treated to stunning images from European, pre-soviet and Scandinavian locations that are locked in the past, but are being digitally preserved by Tim and other like-minded photographers that Tim often joins forces with.
Tim has been photographing for many years. His passions are urban exploration, travel and landscape photography. He particularly likes using High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography, with the majority of his work being captured in this way.
He is a fan of capturing more than the camera can capture in one exposure. The science behind revealing as much of the scene as possible is by capturing as much in 3, 5 or 7 brackets appeals to him and is a technique he uses to great advantage.
Tim is a regular on the photography exhibition circuits and is accredited under several photographic bodies including the Royal Photographic Society, Welsh Photographic Federation and Federation International de I’art photographique (FIAP).
You can view a huge range of Tim’s images at the locations below.

Tim’s Facebook page – www.facebook.com/TimKniftonPhotography

Tim’s Flickr profile –  www.flickr.com/photos/timster1973

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