19th February 2018 – Patagonia with Chris Erlebach – (A slideshow).

A spectacular evening of memories and images from Veteran club member Chris Erlebach.

Chris began the evening with his personal recollections of the memories that he holds, when as a child, he was allowed to assist his Aunt with her large black box, black cover and glass plate negatives and the experiences that he shared then, that led to his love of photography.
Chris’ presentation comprised of an explanation of the political and geographical landscape of Patagonia. Chris also supplemented his slide show with a comprehensive collection of maps and travel guides.

We learnt that Patagonia is a region encompassing the vast southernmost tip of South America, shared by Argentina and Chile, with the Andes Mountains as its dividing line. The Argentine side features arid steppes, grasslands and deserts, while the Chilean has glacial fjords and temperate rainforest. Argentina’s famed RN-40 highway passes the pinnacles of Monte Fitz Roy and Perito Moreno Glacier in Los Glaciares National Park.

Chris’ images all came from an 18 day tour of the region that Chris undertook as part of a small group of 9 like-minded travellers back in 2003. The tour took 6 flights and a 3 day extension to complete. Many of the images that Chris shared with the club were well-deserved competition winners that he is quite rightly very proud of.

Members were visibly stunned by the astounding  images of huge, dynamic waterfalls – The Devils Throat and the 3 Musketeers to name just a few. We were also treated to a series of amazing images of the Perito Moreno Glacier as well as images of that unique phenomenon – Spindrift, a mist of snow being blow from mountain crests during gales and also mesmerising images of lens-shaped, lenticular cloud developing on the downwind side of a the mountains.

Another wonderfully interesting evening prepared and presented by one of our long serving members that reminded us all of the modern transformation from film and slide medium to the digital world that we enjoy today.

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