2018 Round 1 Bi-Monthly Results February 12 2018

Throughout the year SYPC have a schedule of 6 bi-monthly competitions where members can optionally submit 2 prints and/or 2 digital images. All the bi-monthly competitions provide an excellent opportunity for members to hear an experienced judge assess their prowess, both technically and artistically.

Adrian Herring (ARPS DPAGB) was the external judge for the 1st of our 6 Bi-Monthly 2018 Competitions. It was obvious that Adrian had put a lot of work into reviewing and preparing for the evening – this resulted in an excellent narrative describing the best bits of the image and offering constructive feedback for improvement, all of which was much appreciated by our membership. Adrian critiqued and constructively commented on 74 images (28 prints and 46 digital images). Adrian opened the meeting by explaining to the membership how much he had enjoyed  reviewing all our work and that we had some excellent images submitted and his job was really difficult making choices

Below is a Table of the TOP 8 images and the Authors in each Section.

Round 1 Digital Images Author Place
Having a Shower Pete Alford 1st.
Great Grey Owl Kevin James 2nd.
Male Broad Bodied Chaser on Agrimony Eric D’Costa 3rd.
Ohh Steve Purkis 4th.
Get out of the Rain – FOOL Stuart Lewis 5th.
John S Alan Grynyer 6th.
Bridge to Wales Mark Seaman 7th.
Beaver on a Pond Phil Arnold 8th.


Round 1 Prints Author Place
Feeding the Pigeon John Scantlebury 1st.
Knitters Hands Eileen Scantlebury 2nd.
Winter Trees Ray Grace 3rd.
Autumn at Stourhead Dave Bruten 4th.
Autumn Leaves Mark Seaman 5th.
Launch Time Peter Range 6th.
A Girl called Patricia Margaret Snee 7th.
St Michael’s Mount Stuart Lewis 8th.

Below is a copy of the 1st. Place Digital Image


“Taking a Shower” by Pete Alford





Below is a copy of the 1st. Place Print


“Feeding the Pigeon” by John Scantlebury





Additionally the Top 8 Digital Images and Top 3 Prints can be found in the Competition Tab of this website.

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