5th. February 2018 – A Member’s Evening

As well as Speakers, Competitions, Photo Shoots and Events at SYPC, our Annual program also schedules a number of Member’s Evenings. These evenings give us the opportunity to discuss any issues or concerns we have and seek support and help from the wider Membership. Last night our Member’s evening was slightly different as we had –

A look at our own and the WCPF websites
A review of the results following the recent member’s questionnaire
A short presentation on creation of calendars
A quick look at Photoshop and Sky Replacement
3 Audio Visuals from one of our members
Some innovative digital Images from a member
An AV from the WCPF Digital Members Exhibition

We started the evening by looking at our own Website at –


In particular the SYPC Meetings tab, which  documents our published programme.

Next we explored the WCPF website at –


The Kingswood Salver is a WCPF competition SYPC enter every year, looking at the website allowed us to view and comment on the quality of the 5 Print panels that were submitted for the 2017 Kingswood Salver.

Peter Range then presented the results of the recent survey commissioned to elicit the views of the members of the types of speakers, events and outings we should entertain at SYPC. These results will guide us to provide a well-balanced program of events to suit all members’ photographic interests and genres. Over 60% of the membership returned the detailed questionnaire so now we can tailor our 2019 and 2020 programmes to suit the needs of everyone.

Ray Grace (Our President) then took centre stage and walked us through a live demonstration of a Sky Replacement technique using Photoshop CC and the “Blend IF“ function.

This was followed by Laura Cadbry taking us through the benefits of producing Annual Calendars, either for an end of year Competition or simply as a learning exercise for personal use. The consensus from the meeting was that this would be of benefit to our members and as such we should consider this for the end of year Annual Competitions.

John Scantlebury was next in the limelight. John demonstrated his prowess in the production of excellent AV’s. We saw a trip around the Grand Canyon, Churches and Castles and a superb recent visit to London.

The penultimate presentation was by Rob Webb.








Rob brought along some  ‘different’ digital images of innovative projects he has worked on over the recent years

These included water filled balloons popped by darts, hoar frost and mirror reflections. These images demonstrated what can be achieved with a little lateral thinking,patience and an innovative mind.

Finally we were treated to an AV of the WCPF 2017 Members Exhibition, where we all agreed the standard was exceptionally high and gave us all food for thought.

An enjoyable first Member’s Evening of  2018.

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