19th March 2018 – Jenny Hibbert – Tales of the River Bank

Jenny Hibbert (MPAGB) treated SYPC to a most stunning and outstanding set of Nature Images on Monday evening. As the title suggests these images were captured in and around various waterways, most of them on a small river close to her own home near Bridgend. It just showed us what can be achieved with patience, preparation and clearly skill. How many of us would be prepared to sit on a rock in running water long enough to become part of the scenery in order to get that ‘special shot’ – Jenny does !

Jenny is clearly a first class Nature Photographer sticking strictly to the rules of that branch of photography. Despite, what some might call a  restriction, Jenny produces just amazing photography. We saw over 400 images of birds in flight, in water and feeding, as well as other wildlife, Ducks, Butterflies, Dragonflies, Salmon, Otters and Water Voles to name some more. The whole presentation was just enthralling.

Not only we were treated to this fantastic set of Nature “in and around the Water Bank”  but during our coffee break we had the opportunity to view Jenny’s MPAGB acceptance panel of twenty pictures of international exhibition standard. Perfection…

Please visit us again Jenny.

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