26th March 2018 – Nigel Forster – ‘A Passion for Landscapes’

Nigel opened the evening by telling us that he would be spending the first part of the evening on the subject of ‘Developing your own style of outdoor photography.’

Nigel explained that whilst he has always had a passion for the outdoors, and in particular, mountains, travel and for landscape photography, he had spent the early part of his working life as a Landscape Architect before moving to the post of Director of a community regeneration charity in South Wales. When Nigel reached his 50th birthday he decided that it might be time for another career change (He describes it as a mid-life crisis!). This was the moment when he decided to attempt to make a living out of climbing mountains and taking his stunning photographs. It took a year before Nigel realised that digital photography is more than just a new version of taking photographs on film, so in August 2009 he created his learning company ‘Creative Photography Wales’ with a plan to combine his passion for photography with some aspects of his professional background, although he never intended to become a teacher!

Creative Photograph Wales is based at Nigel’s home in Talybont on Usk, which is a village in the Heart of the Brecon Beacons in mid-Wales. It is here that he runs his workshops and creates and manages his on-line training programme.

Although Nigel’s photography comes mainly from Wales, a cross section of other areas in the UK and the rest of the world, where and how they were taken is secondary to the visual results of his work. Nigel’s speciality is clearly his amazing ability to take pictures of familiar places and people in imaginative ways, using natural light and the power of a camera to best effect.

We were treated to an evening of these inspiring images from Wales and beyond. Nigel advised us that the key to his amazing images and what makes them unique, is a technique he described as ‘Looking for an individual approach’ and that it is not always the location that is important if we can find interesting shapes and form in a subject and that the output of a photo shoot should be the result of a visual exploration.
We learnt that the first question that we should ask ourselves is ‘Why am I taking this picture? The answer to that question should guide the final composition. We aren’t just taking a picture. We are creating an image.
The answer to Nigel’s question -What’s the key to effective composition? Simplicity and impact!

Nigel reminded us of the importance of curves in a landscape image. Curves can take us from the beginning to the end of an image.

Nigel offers a huge range of training opportunities for one-on-one tuition, up to group workshops in Wales and beyond. He is a Master Photographer with the Photographer Academy. He also holds a Trip Adviser Certificate of Excellence. You can view the full range and opportunities offered by Nigel and also purchase copies of his images by visiting his website.


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