14th May 2018 – “My Journey so far” – by Heidi Stewart

On Monday 14th May we were privileged to receive a visit from Heidi &
Alex Stewart. This evening it was Heidi’s turn to give the talk and what a talk it was.
Heidi has a very engaging personality and is very open and honest about her photography. Having started her ‘serious’ photography within the last ten years, she found it a great help in her development to join her local camera club (Gwynver CC) and hasn’t looked back since.

Heidi will be either extremely thorough in her preparation for a photographic sortie (checking weather/tide reports and forecasts) or completely instinctive and just get up and go. In the latter case that will involve a location she had previously reconnoitered, mostly coastal locations but she is not averse to going further afield whenever possible (Lake District, Cornwall & North Devon for example).

Heidi stressed the importance of having a go and not to be tied down by convention and rules for “rules are there to be bent”!

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