4th March 2019 – Catherine East- A Talk on Commercial Photography

The talk we had from Catherine was a breath of fresh air, the enthusiasm and passion she had for her subject was magnetic. She went from a very young girl with her first camera as a hobby to a very well accomplished young woman with a tremendous feel for her subject matter.

Some of her work was very family orientated, taking candid shots of children often quite endearing and quirky just letting the children do their own thing. Like wise the wedding photography seemed very relaxed and the locations made all the difference to a wonderful day for the clients.

Baby bumps came next, then new born babies, all very tastefully taken. Everything she did told the story of the event from start to finish.

She has also found time to mentor and tutor keen photographers, look after two children and have a job as Project Manager at some time in her career. She is also now working with local trades to help them with their products.

All in all a fascinating and interesting evening.

For more information and details of Catherine’s work please see her website :http://catherineeast.co.uk/

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