March 11th. 2019 – Free Spirit – Nick Jenkins (ARPS, AWPF)

Nick Jenkins (ARPS,AWPF) joined us on Monday evening where we spent a relaxing time being transported to many  photogenic, tranquil venues across the UK. Nick has a very charismatic style and is a joy to listen to. And clearly an outstanding Landscape Photographer.

“Forest of Dean Light Shafts” by Nick Jenkins

We travelled to the Brecon Beacons, Wales, Yorkshire, Pembroke, the Forest of Dean, Scotland, Sky and Iceland. The pictures in all the locations were often dramatic with wonderful lighting and many with milky waterfalls.

“Llwyn Onn Reservoir Reflections” by Nick Jenkins

Nick loves water reflections and he captured these in so many of the locations. The Iceland pictures were some of the most dramatic with pictures of ice flows, ice burgs and the amazing Aurora Borealis.
Catching the “right” light on the hills and mountains was something Nick loved to do and did this to perfection.

“The Corpach Wreck” by Nick Jenkins

Scotland was another wonderful setting for more dramatic pictures, capturing the snowy mountains sometimes in monochrome which gave even more drama to the images.
Nick runs various tutorials/workshops and enjoys taking groups out to the locations he has a passion for. As with many photographers he just loves to pass on to others the knowledge he has learnt over many years.
In photography there are various composition rules, however at times these rules can be broken to get the picture you really want!
Come back again please Nick an excellent and informative evening.

For more information on Nick Jenkins and Free Spirit please see Nick’s website at –

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