1 April 2019 – Bob Bishop – Have Camera Will Travel

Bob Bishp (EFIAP/g, BPE3, LRPS) this evening’s speaker’s title certainly lived up to its name. we travelled amongst others from Essex, Dorset, Margate, Scotland, Burma (Myanmar), the South West, Dingle Peninsular, Whitby, South Devon and our perennial favourites Clevedon and Weston Super Mare.
It became clear that Bob’s dedication to his art and skill showed a huge commitment, both to realising his target, when he visited his destination, and to tackling the weather and terrain problems once he was there.
We saw an array of sunrises and sunsets and many seascapes taking note of changing tides and intricate detail to create a well composed and thoughtful photograph.

The most common feature showed detailed foregrounds, where shooting in RAW enabled stunning detail to be brought out and this, coupled with converting to black and white followed some creative dodging and burning to provide the mood that the author was searching for.

Members will have gained a great deal from this presentation as there was always the opportunity to see the “before” and “after” image and to travel the intervening journey. The range of what we saw was a magnificent spread from portrait through abstract, creative dark mood vignettes with threatening skies, secret street photography, humorous graffiti with the help of passers by and the skilful use of both professional and amateur models.
There was something for everyone.

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