2019 – Round 2 Bi-Monthly Results April 8th. 2019

Throughout the year SYPC have a schedule of 6 bi-monthly member competitions.

Martin Cooper (LRPS) – was our Round 2  external judge for the second of our Bi-Monthly 2019 Competitions. Martin’s constructive review of the prints and digital images was well received drawing on many years of Photographic experience, with words of encouragement and constructive comments for improvement.

Martin reviewed and commented on 86 images (30 prints and 56 digital images). All of Martin’s comments and suggestions were well received we look forward to Martin’s return to SYPC in 2020 as either a speaker or judge.

Below is a Table of the TOP 8 images and their  Authors for each Section.

Round 2 Prints Author Place
David Eileen Scantlebury 1st.
A Leeds Arcade John Scantlebury 2nd
Evening on the Loch Adrian Smithson 3rd
Waltzer at the Mop Mark Seaman 4th
Mussel Beds – Godreavy Ray Grace 5th
Dawn at the Iceberg Lagoon Carole Brown 6th
A day out in the rain Peter Range 7th
Black Border Morris Dancers Pete Atkins 8th
Round 2 Digital Images Author Place
The Lonely Clown Kevin James 1st
Bishops Palace Wells Pete Alford 2nd
Pedicure while u wait! Russell Dew 3rd
The Road to Nowhere Pete Atkins 4th
Charlie Alan Grynyer 5th
2:45 from Barmouth Mary Williams 6th
Crazy Jeremy Harris 7th
Canadian Lake View John Scantlebury 8th

Below is a copy of the FIRST Place Print

“David” by Eileen Scantlebury

Below is a copy of the FIRST Place Digital Image

” The Lonely Clown” by Kevin James

Additionally the Top 8 Digital Images and the Top 3 Prints can be found in the Competition Tab of this website athttp://www.sypc.org.uk/gallery/index.php/2016-Competitions

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