March 25th. 2019 – Rob Auckland-Studio Lighting and Portraiture

This was the second visit that Rob Auckland has made to SYPC. A year ago Rob had us in the courtyard taking portraits of each other. This time Rob continued his theme of good photography is both fun and a learning experience  with a twist. The first part of the evening was a lesson in portraiture lighting and the difference between 4 lights each with individual elements and how best to use these lights to get their favored  “mug” shot of each other.
We had to place the subject in three set positions to see which light and which position gave the best results. It was a bit chaotic as we had quite a number of members participating in the study, but it was enjoyed by us all, and one particular studio light, and position one (half an arm’s length from the light) gave the best results. On investigation the winning studio light was a soft box but with a baffle to soften the light before it hit the subject.
In the second half we had a demonstration of how to achieve a ‘first class’ head shot, in particular how to optimise the lighting and how to prepare your subject to present themselves in the best way – basically extend the neck (like a turtle) which reduces all those chins – not that any of us are old enough to have multiple chins !

A very active and informative evening was had by all.

For more information about Rob’s work and his workshops please see his website at –

Thank you once again Rob.

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