2019 – Round 3 Bi-Monthly Results May 20th. 2019

This was our 3rd. of the 6 bi-monthly member competitions. For this competition we welcomed back Julie Kay a relatively new judge to the circuit and someone who has a keen eye for composition. 

Julie reviewed and commented on 80 images (32 prints and 48 digital images). All of Julie’s comments and suggestions were well received we look forward to seeing Julie at SYPC again in 2020.

Below is a Table of the TOP 8 images and their  Authors for each Section.

Round 3 Prints Author Place
Lava Fjord Carole Brown 1st. 
Get Ready to Mooove Mary Williams 2nd.
Fairy Pools (Isle of Skye) Ray Grace 3rd.
A Barren Land Stuart Lewis 4th.
Young Warriors Dave Bruten 5th.
The Biker Eileen Scantlebury 6th.
Ferris Wheel (Liverpool) Mark Seaman 7th.
Road to the Glen Lynne Smithson 8th.
Round 3 Digital Images Author Place
Reflection Stuart Lewis 1st.
Bristol Docks Eileen Scantlebury 2nd.
Time to Relax Tony Siddorn 3rd.
Glencoe Alan Grynyer 4th.
Posh Frock Kevin James 5th.
double vision Mark Seaman 6th.
Don’t even think about it Pete Atkins 7th.
Aurora Jenni Craft 8th.

Below is a copy of the First Place Print

Lava Fjord by Carole Brown

Below is a copy of the First Place Digital Image

Reflection by Stuart Lewis

Additionally the Top 8 Digital Images and digital copies of the Top 3 prints can be found in the Competition Tab of this website at –

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