3rd June 2019 – Jane Rees (ARPS) – The Natural World of North America

The club was royally entertained by Jane Rees (ARPS), clearly a thoughtful and knowledgeable photographer with a keen eye for the flora and fauna of North America.

Jane is basically a Nature Photographer but has travelled extensively in North America and has been visiting America since the 1960’s and lived in Jamestown, a venue of one of the first settlements from England back in the 16th Century.

We saw magnificent, pin sharp images of insects, birds, trees, flowers, succulents, animals (including whales) and landscapes each accompanied by a specific and factual description showing her depth and breadth of knowledge as well as her wide-ranging camera skills. It was particularly refreshing that she was always addressing us, the audience, rather than, as is too often the case when speakers talk, almost exclusively to their images.
During our coffee break we had the added advantage of seeing Jane’s ARPS Natural History Panel and clearly a stunning collection it was, very much appreciated by our members.
We all felt that we had been on a trip to the extreme corners covering all of North America. A quality presentation and we all hope that she will visit us again in the none too distant future.

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