15th July 2019 – A Members’ Evening of 2 Parts

This meeting was chaired by Peter Range and comprised two parts.
In an attempt to create a more satisfactory evening for viewing prints from all sections of the Watkins Room it has been suggested that a local camera/projector set up might provide an answer.
Phil Arnold set up a possible system and, using a trial print, demonstrated what is possible to members who attended. The demonstration was well received and gave those present a taste of what can be achieved. More on this topic will follow and will be taken up by the SYPC committee to determine next steps.
a) Carole Brown presented 7 prints following her visits to Iceland. Each one was expertly annotated and comment was forthcoming from the author on the prevailing conditions, often very harsh, and difficulties that were overcome during each “shoot”. Printing expertise and paper (PF Lustre) were brought into this excellent section.
b) Kevin James showed us a number of, mainly, studio portraits. All were shown in borderless prints and included abstract images, Andy Warhol style and a number of superb quality model photographs. As usual a very high standard was again demonstrated by this experienced author.
c) Adrian Smithson described a couple of open air/street photography sessions that he had recently been involved with, as a visitor. This was 1940’s day at Heavor Castle with both British and US enacted subjects carrying a wide range of hardware and uniforms from the period. His second showing was a from the Gloucester/Warwickshire railway this not only included uniformed models but also civvies suitably dressed from the second WW. Very interesting and well observed range of photographs.
d) Phil Arnold – this presentation/lecture showed Phil and “accomplice” canoeing 800 miles across Northern Alaska in conditions ranging from 38 to 4 degrees Celsius with severe winds and very dangerous terrain. The privations endured included wild animals, Musk ox, black bears, brown bears, Arctic fox, Otter, Moose and a range of birds, including a fine explanation of why the Osprey is so successful in extreme conditions. Scientific observations were also included from old recently observed wood that had recently emerged from the perma frost, an amazing description, with photographs of a “persistent” gold mine and superb shots of the trans-Alaskan oil pipeline, in its day the most advanced engineering project on Earth. The audience were amazed at what Phil had enjoyed on this trip which few would have contemplated. Brilliant knowledge and well presented to the spell bound audience.
A wonderful thought-provoking evening was enjoyed by all those present and our sincere thanks are sent to those who helped to show so much of what is the very best of SYPC.

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