22nd July 2019 – Ed Cloutman – Night Sky

Ed Cloutman (EFIAP,Hon FWPF), was our guest speaker this evening.

Ed’s presentation was divided into two discrete parts, firstly photographing deep space and secondly a travelogue based on an invitation to repair ancient clocks in Bermuda.
The evening began with a sensational AV showing superb colour images of many of the galaxies close to Earth beginning with the Milky Way. The support music was Mozart’s Ave Verum corpus and it sent a shiver up everyone’s spine.
It came as no surprise to us when Ed described how he had built his own garden observatory, on a foundation of at least a cubic metre of concrete and had installed a weather proof housing complete with specialised cameras and associated computer controlled telescope in order to accurately follow the heavens and avoid star paths that are caused with our fixed cameras. The results were astounding and his technical explanation and thoughtful descriptions caused us all to realise that, as enthusiastic amateurs, we can never master all aspects of the fantastic Art/Science that is encompassed by modern photography.
Clearly Ed could only be described as a Polymath as he had taken a course in Horology and has become well known in the field of ancient clock repair and maintenance. He had been invited to Bermuda to advise and perhaps carry out repairs on the Dockyard Clock which had been constructed in 1856 by John Moore of Clerkenwell. The aggressive salty damp atmosphere had punished the clock over this span of time but it was obvious that Ed’s painstaking skills had allowed the movement to be disassembled and reworked to be installed in the island’s museum, displaying its 14 feet long pendulum giving a 1.25 second beat. A conservancy schedule was completed for long-term maintenance of this classic historic clock.
Due to the excellent outcome of this project Ed was asked to look at several other time pieces and we were taken around Bermuda to Commonwealth House, The Capital – Hamilton, the Botanical Gardens, the old railway trail and a number of exquisite private houses, schools and the tennis club. A fascinating and unique evening giving an insight to number of unusual aspects on an evocative Caribbean Island.

Ed has a book : on the Night Sky and can be found here – –


About the Book
“Awesome pictures that only the camera can reveal of galaxies, nebulae and star systems from the milky way and far beyond in the distant universe”

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