8th July 2019 – Gary Groucutt – keynote speaker – Visualisation

This major event on the SYPC calendar saw the most exciting and unique set of images created by a Professional and industrious thoughtful photographer – Gary Groucutt.
The title of this superior presentation was VISUALISATION and it was evident that Gary undertook both commissions and challenges to achieve really top-class landscapes. The talk was segmented into those elements that he felt came together to realise the most spectacular pictures, these were Light, Composition, Weather, Equipment and Seasons. It was emphasised that the most difficult top flight image was very often achieved through PATIENCE and it was evident that he followed this principle to the nth degree.

The Roman Gary Groucutt Black and White Photographer of the Year ©Gary Groucutt 2019

Images that were presented demonstrated Gary’s philosophy and included travels to Scotland, including the Isles, Lake District, England, with emphasis on his home around Shropshire, and Iceland.
His equipment did not focus on the most recent innovations but included Leica, film cameras, Hassleblad, an old wooden constructed bellows type plate camera and 1960’s hand ground lenses which produced exotic effects.
This is a man who is passionate, technically advanced and ultimately prepared to seek out the photograph he wants in any conditions, at any time and is fulfilled by his chosen career. His motto was shown as:-

For further details of Gary’s work please see his website at :https://www.garygroucutt.com/

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