14th. October 2019 – Cate Barrow – PHOTOGRAPHING UK WILDLIFE

Our guest speaker last night described her opportunities to pursue her passion for photographing Britain’s wildlife as being through public hides, private hides, hard work and luck!
Her target outcome was clearly established, early in her talk, as being as near as possible to perfect “out of the camera” with minimal post shooting modifications. She described her success hit rate as being1% and we soon realised that she was prepared to stay all night waiting for the opportunity she was looking for, or to lie in freezing and/or wet conditions to be close to the object of her intentions or even to lie in animal faeces knowing that this was the only way to achieve that particular superb photograph.
It was clear to us devotees of achieving our selected image that Cate was “driven” and has been rewarded through patience and commitment.
Here are the results shown to us:-

Sea eagle, Osprey, Kite, Sparrow hawk, Hobby, Kestrel, Red grouse, Ptarmigan, Grey partridge, Water rail, Oyster catcher, Lapwing, Ringed plover, Curlew, Puffin, Cuckoo, Reed warbler, Grey heron, Barn owl, Little owl, short eared owl, Tawny owl, Kingfisher, Green woodpecker, Great spotted woodpecker, Waxwing, Starling, Wren, Dipper, Dartford warbler, field fare, Blue tit, Long tailed tit, Crested tit, Bearded tit, Robin, Tree creeper, Siskin, Hawfinch, Tree creeper, Jay, Magpie and Crow.
It was evident that the ordinary shot was not in her vocabulary and, as previously indicated, she is prepared to develop new methods, put herself at personal risk or go to limitless lengths to achieve a unique shot.
There are currently 56 types of UK butterfly and we saw examples of male and female of each and 28 examples actually mating. We were given tips ranging from field skills through to camera settings to achieve a target. Who knew that the flying butterfly was generally the male seeking a mate while the female remains hidden at ground level hence our responsibility when seeking these elusive photographs is to remain on pathways and picking our footsteps very carefully – another example of Cate’s sincere ecological concerns.
A splendid array of Hedgehog, Bank vole, Wood mice, Water rat, Red squirrel, Fox, Harvest mice, Rabbit, Hare, Water vole, Snow hare, Pine marten, Otter, Badgers, Wild boar, Fallow deer, Red deer, Common seal – all photographed in special unique circumstances where considerable effort, ingenuity skill and, above all, patience had been exercised in order to go that extra mile. We were even spoilt with some wonderful underwater images of blue sharks.
It should be compulsory to visit Cate’s web site – here’s the link:-


We will certainly be welcoming her back soon!

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