2nd. December 2019 – Tony & Eva Worobiec – “The Water’s Edge”

Eva and Tony Worobiec ( FRPS) are described as a fine art photographers and their latest book [one of 17 published in some 8 languages] titled ‘The Waters Edge”  is a journey around the coast of the UK and was the subject of Tony’s talk at SYPC.

Tony  (supported by his wife Eva) described this lecture as more of a workshop – but in fact it was a Masterclass in outstanding and inspirational photography with many of the photographs shown taken within a two-hour journey for our club members.

Tony’s photography has the ability to present the viewer with a coastal scene of complete wilderness, transporting the viewer into a surreal world of colour, strange rock formations, decaying structures, lighthouses and piers –  often only a short distance away from a bustling and busy built-up area.

The sheer power and beauty of the sea, was beautifully demonstrated in powerful beach, rock and cliff images taken at pre-dawn, at sunset, the blue hour and in night time darkness. 

Adopting a ‘minimalistic’ approach to photography Tony’s work captures the visual elements of many contemporary fine artists using a limited range of colour, shape line, texture and tone.  This typifies his ‘personal style’ to photography, demonstrating why his work is in the permanent collection of the RPS, The Fox Museum and in numerous private collections in the UK, Europe, Japan and the USA.

Tony is a Fotospeed Ambassador and displayed in the interval a range of stunning images printed on all of the various Fotospeed papers and also signed his latest book for our members – sold at a discounted price.

Unlike many photographers Tony declared the locations of all of the images presented as well as the important techniques used and the important  ‘technical stuff’ such as ISO, fstop, speed, filters used etc .

Tony’s UK coastal photographic journey included numerous sub sections, such as; The Beach, The Rocky Shoreline, The Intimate Landscape, Minimalism, Coastal Features, Lighthouses, Piers of the Realm, Crossover Lighting, Beach Huts, Coastal Structures plus a few non British locations to finish off this Masterclass.

A most memorable evening for SYPC members learning from a real expert on how to deliver excellence given grey and moody skies, winter light, shooting in the rain, taking night-time photographs on wet and windy days, underneath piers, using long shutter speeds, working in rich low light conditions and more importantly “on making the uninteresting – really interesting”.

We look forward on welcoming back Tony & Eva to our club in 2021.

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