20th January 2020 – Dr. Tim Taphouse – “A sense of Place”

Monday January 20th saw the visit of Dr.Tim Taphouse. At very short notice Tim agreed to stand in for our scheduled speaker, the injured Jim Cossey; but in no way should Tim be considered second best.

Tim’s talk was “A Sense of Place”, subtitled “From the Cotswolds around the World via Markets and Mountains”. You’d be forgiven for thinking that this was a daunting title to live up to, but how wrong you’d be, for Tim delivered on this promise in ‘spades’.
We were asked to consider what makes one place different from another enough to make us want to photograph it.
Is it the location?
the content?
or …..?
By using examples from his own photos, Tim wasn’t shy of telling us which images he no longer found pleasing, while at the same time showing how “less” is “more” by focusing on smaller areas within the imagined full frame.

Other examples demonstrated how the mood of a location could be changed and the benefits of home v travel photography.  In that a home location could be photographed through the seasons or at different times of day.
Classic car racing through woodland rather than a gentle stroll through the same woods. Not just a landscape but a landscape showing a local event ( the carrying of the cross on Good Friday up to Cam Peak) and similarly, one which can be replicated in other foreign locations. All these featured in a section looking at TRADITIONS .
MARKETS  – In the UK and Sicily to India. MARKETS are good locations for colour and a taste of local life – Kashmir and the Far East, with amusing photos of traders sleeping at their stalls during quiet periods or indeed the memorable photo of the smoker standing at the ‘firework’ stall!

Tim clearly has a passion for the MOUNTAINS and is prepared to face the elements [ via wild camping] to be in the best position for that perfect shot. These were not just landscapes but would often include the people who work in these landscapes. 
Tim is a great believer in having your camera accessible at all times. This he will carry on his waistbelt to capture that fleeting moment which may be no more than ten or so seconds.
We were also treated to a fascinating AV of the Pyrenees, demonstrating his desire to “take the road least travelled”.
A thoroughly entertaining evening, a well researched and constructed presentation. We will be approaching  and encouraging Tim to come back to SYPC soon. 

Meanwhile I commend his website to you at – https://timtaphouse.com/

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