17th. February 2020 – Mike Dales – “An evening with Mike Dales”

Mike Dales – (ARPS, CPAGB) was a first time speaker to SYPC. On Monday night his presentation “A night with Mike Dales” didn’t disappoint.  We were treated to a thought provoking and creative set of images narrated perfectly by Mike.

Mike Dales is not your typical camera club presenter, in fact his opening gambit made that very clear, telling us in no uncertain terms just what we wouldn’t see within his presentation. At this point it was easy to think, oh dear, how’s this going to pan out, but then straight from the very first image we were pulled into his “world”. Outstanding !

Portrait of a Young” Snapper by Mike Dales

It was an entertaining evening . We were given much to ponder :-
• as in “Is this a photograph. What is a photograph”?
• Ideas for exploring different approaches to photography, to the extent that some of us began to question our own photographic approaches.
• Creating book covers  and film posters
• or just using unconventional ‘models’ – such as the hysterical use of jelly babies with a few simple props.
• creating patterns or series of images.
Every one of Mike’s images came with its own unique story articulated in an informative way .

Time by Mike Dales

All in all a really enjoyable evening, thought-provoking and entertaining in equal parts.

Coming from a judge his comment (as borne out by his own photography) is that “you should not take photos for the express purpose of pleasing judges”, but rather for your own pleasure and enjoyment. A mantra that we should all be pleased to live by!

Mike will always be a welcome visitor to SYPC we look forward to his next visit as a presenter and of course his visit to us in May as our judge for one of our bi-monthly competitions.

Meanwhile I commend Mike’s website well worth a visit at – http://www.mikedalesphotography.co.uk/

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