24th. February – Richard Price – “Macro to Massive”

Richard Price joined us on Monday evening with his talk entitled “Macro to Massive” and what an encouraging and enlightening talk that was. Richard’s presentation was structured in a very clear and logical way .

The first half of the evening was dedicated to his take on Macro. Richard was at pains to emphasise how easy it was for all of us to aspire to and indeed achieve results like his without investing huge sums in equipment. We were taken through the world of bugs, small creatures such as frogs, dragonflies, damsel flies, spiders, fungi, ferns and frosts were also high on his list of chosen subjects. At every step Richard explained how he captured each image, pointing out the camera settings, number of exposures and when and why he decided on focus stacking.
We also learned about Richard’s “studio” settings and lighting ‘tricks’.Again all the equipment demonstrated was very functional and not too costly.

Richard’s images of his experiments capturing water droplets landing on water and then inside a soap bubble, plus his time lapse short films and some stunning panoramas will live long in the collective memory.

Richard had clearly summed up his audience very astutely and repeatedly explained that many of the images he was to share with us were all within our means.

Many of us went away enthused enough to have a go ourselves . We hope to see Richard back at SYPC in the near future with another of his very special talks and informative presentation styles.

Richard Price has been an amateur photographer for 10 years living in Somerset. He particularly enjoys the outdoor experience, whether walking or wild camping but equally gets great satisfaction from his Macro indoor work on a wet Sunday afternoon.

We commend Richard’s website to any readers at –


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