2nd March – Graham Harries – Visions of Silence, Chernobyl 32 years later

Graham Harries presented a superb and complete package at SYPC on Monday evening. Graham started the evening with  a quick run through of his work including  Wedding Photography, Live music shows, general landscape and the natural world.  His interpretation of aspects of photography from skateboarders in suits to images of musicians, ballerinas and fashion models shot in unexpected locations viz under motorways were all well received. We were already enthralled by Graham’s presentation style, his work and the enthusiasm he had for his profession. Then Graham started the main event.

” On the 26th April 1986 Chernobyl in Ukraine hit the world headlines when nuclear reactor no 4 at the VA Lenin power plant exploded during a safety test. The result saw 49,000 people from the city of Pripyat and the surrounding area being evacuated within 3 hours. They were told this would be a short-term measure but they never returned! 32 years later Graham visited the exclusion zone of Chernobyl & spent 4 full days exploring the now deserted wilderness. Homes, shops, schools & hospitals sit silent and forgotten with trees growing in the middle of once busy roads.”  (this extract from Graham’s website at http://gphotography.org.uk/chernobyl/

Graham presented the Chernobyl  Vision of Silence in 2 parts.  Both came across like a documentary starting with the rationale behind his visit to the Ukraine followed by a recap of the disaster in 1986, very  very dramatically presented. The still images and video intermeshed with voiceover were tremendously effective. You couldn’t be unmoved by the whole story. Exceptionally thought- provoking.

Graham, please you must visit us again next year with another fantastic presentation. It will be a challenge to find anything quite so dramatic and thought provoking as your Chernobyl package.

We commend Graham’s Website at http://gphotography.org.uk/chernobyl/

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