9th. March – Robert Auckland – Getting Sharper & Better Exposed Images

We were able to welcome Robert Auckland  for the third time in the knowledge that, without doubt everyone would have a useful tip to take away with them.

His practical presentations are always useful in fact his presentation style and enthusiasm to ‘share’ is infectious .
His opening comments were absolutely pertinent, practice makes perfect, learn from others, photographic techniques are often counter intuitive, analyse your own performance – are you getting 65% failures? Why?
The session’s opening approach made use of small groups of members addressing questions regarding camera shake/subject movement, how to recognise and improve. How to freeze subject movement, identify simple techniques to get sharp images in most cases.
The members applied themselves to the task with sufficient knowledge to please Rob and we were soon using our own cameras in an attempt to address the question in hand e.g. photograph a moving rugby ball at faster shutter speeds until you are able to read the wording on the ball!

125th.second exposure

500th.second exposureWe were all interested to observe how flesh tones photographed against a black or white background altered radically – white background tended to over expose the subject, naturally dark backgrounds did the opposite. These observations naturally lead to landscape photography at both dawn and dusk – the golden hours.
Of course, there was technical discussion regarding sensors, equipment, filters and a warning was given as the authenticity of apparently genuine memory cards as their packing should be carefully examined. A card containing 1000 wedding shots might fail spontaneously for no apparent reason. His tip was to use a twin card system shooting in JPEG and Raw simultaneously and take care when purchasing even well-known brands.
Finally, in response to a question regarding Black and White images Rob admitted going on individual shoots where he keeps his creative skills up to scratch be deliberately challenging himself to take that awkward, tricky, rare image – do we ever do this?

Another superb evening from Rob. Please if you have a moment take a peek at Rob’s website link attached.


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