20th April 2020 – Philip Stanley-Hodges (AFIAP, CPAGB) – “An Evening with Philip”

Regular readers of the Club’s activities will be delighted to know that in spite of many problems that stand in the way of keeping a group of enthusiastic photographers active and together, we have been able to enjoy a diverse and skilful set of images, described by Philip, from his own home in Somerset by using Video Conferencing facilities.

Last night’s meeting brought 29 SYPC members ‘virtually’ together with a man who clearly uses his time and considerable skills in a number of hobbies, a serious dog owner with training ability as demonstrated by the number of winners rosettes in his office, a fine breed cat lover, an aircraft enthusiast who brings his photo graphic understanding to capture VERY high speed aircraft, a lover of nature and a practising fly fisherman, as well as being well travelled.

The evening was divided into three segments, Aircraft, Natural Science and Favourites. The evening started with a considered and immaculately captured set of pictures from the era of Captain Eric “Winkle” Brown an RN Officer and test pilot who flew 487 types of aircraft. The precision which Philip needed to catch acrobatic planes in mid-flight was truly astounding and his ability to manipulate a Sigma 500mm lens on a Full Frame Nikon body took considerable skill. The range of jet, propeller and helicopters with some stunning “paint jobs” took us from pre WW2 to the modern era.

We moved from these wizards of the air to a number of fine macro studies of moths, butterflies, dragon flies, damsel flies and unknown flies, as well as flora. Obviously Philip is always armed with his camera and we enjoyed images of large mammals (who will forget the detail of the fawn suckling), birds (a water rail from 500 yards!) beautifully seen birds of prey and an array of wading birds, shot from hides and during fishing expeditions.

Finally, we saw his own personal favourites. Aggressive seascapes, street photography, successful award winning pictures of birds and some post camera manipulated artistic efforts which would grace any living room.
A splendid evening presented by an affable, multi-talented man who was able to entertain us in our own homes and generate a great deal of enthusiasm making us ready to think closely about our own ideas when we are free to roam again.

Thank you Philip

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