4th May 2020 – Glyn Dewis – “The Power of Personal Projects”

It is a great pleasure to advise you that our on line presentation on Monday night was attended by over 60 participants, this included SYPC members, invited guests and friends from the Exmouth Photo Group. We were treated to a unique, thought provoking and instructional session from an accomplished photographer and presenter.
Glyn Dewis introduced us to his background and journey into photography with a description of his many trips to wildlife parks, zoos, country walks and holidays where he photographed a range of wildlife and then adapted the images, which he preferred, into a suitable and most often, authentic setting.

The post shooting methods were usually using Lightroom and Photoshop where his imagination and skill revealed some really top flight imagery. He indicated that he saw this as his journey into the fascinating hobby, the art and science of photography and he had settled, where many of us strive to be, on his particular and unique style – but this was all to change!
Following a visit to the cinema to see the film version of “Dad’s Army” Glyn enjoyed an epiphany moment where he was captivated by the exploits, courage and stories that veteran soldiers and those involved in WW2 might provide, and sought to meet people like this and to become involved. His first exploration followed an invitation to an Oxfordshire Home Guard Group who retained the uniform, ephemera and exploits of their times, so many years ago.

This proved to be a turning point and soon he was befriending the members, drawing stories from them and this path lead, inevitably to photo portraits, often with chests full of medals but always bringing out the characters of each subject. Having studied some famous images of Churchill, HM the Queen, Patrick Stewart and Ian Mckellen it was evident that incident light from one side in the style of the great painter Rembrandt would yield the required results. Using a remote shutter facility so that he could always retain close contact with his subjects Glyn was able to create prints, often from the most trying of environments, so that they could, ultimately be presented with a mounted copy, such moments had often brought about personal, sensitive and emotional moments.

We were shown an array of portraits and each had been treated with similar lighting conditions on a mottled grey background which is suitable for post shooting treatments. The detail and care with which each one had been taken certainly show how much care and enthusiasm Glyn puts into this project, and the power of such superb photography, in so many ways.

The final part of Monday’s webinar was devoted to a teach-in with a number of useful tips and short cuts showing how Lightroom and Photoshop can be used to created fine quality changes to virtually all images.

You can check out Glyn’s main website at https://www.glyndewis.com and also the 39-45 Portraits Project website at https://www.3945portraits.com.
If you are moved by Glyn’s work and would like to donate to his fund raising campaign in aid of helping veterans young and old you can donate here –

This was an outstanding thought provoking presentation capturing portraits of our heroes for future generations to view. Thank you Glyn for sharing that with us.

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