14th September – Eddy & Pam Lane – “In the Footsteps of Shackleton”

Pam & Eddy followed in the footsteps of Ernest Shackleton in his “worst journey in the world” their experience, supplemented and reinforced with Internationally acclaimed photographs certainly captivated those members who joined us on Zoom last night.
Shackleton’s ship, THE ENDURANCE was beset in the polar ice, the ice flow movement caused the ship to move clockwise gradually breaking up and losing its seaworthiness. The lifeboats, provisions and equipment were removed by the crew to a safer environment. The 28 members of the expedition took the 3 lifeboats across the ice to Elephant Island. At this point Shackleton or “The boss” as he was known decided to take a party of 5 men, in one of the small boats, in order to save the group. They sailed in the lifeboat “James Caird” and navigated, by dead reckoning, to the West coast of South Georgia, a distance of some 900 miles. Three of the group, including Shackleton then walked off over the mountains to a Norwegian whaling station. They were able to obtain a better ship, sail over to Argentina, charter a more substantial boat and return to Elephant Island to collect the remainder of the expedition. Endurance, its leader and members had been missing from 5th December 1914 to 22nd May 1916. Not one man was lost.

South Georgia

We all emerged from this inspiring presentation having a greater appreciation of the varied aquatic life, the remarkable bird life, particularly the number and type of penguins (on which we were all tested at the end), the bitter weather conditions and extreme terrain that is present in this part of the world.

King Penguins

All of this was brought alive to us by Pam & Eddy’s great photographic skills using not only single lens reflex cameras and telephoto lenses, but also modest compact cameras, demonstrating exactly what can be achieved with imagination, a good eye and a passion for the world around us.

Moulting King Penguins

This was a welcome return to SYPC for Eddy and Pam and we thank them for sharing their “trip of a lifetime” with us. We commend their website to you for a great variety and beautifully presented unique photographic memoire:


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