2021 – Round 1 – Bi Monthly Results – February 8th.

This was the first of our bi-monthly 2021 member competitions. This month was our usual ‘Open Competition’. Normally members are encouraged to submit 2 prints and 2 digital images. However due to the logistical problems of collecting and delivering prints during this ‘Covid’ period, our bi-monthly competitions are digital entries only.

The judge for this 1st. 2021 Bi-Monthly competition was  Rob Auckland. Rob is a Professional Photographer and has been to our club on many occasions. His visits are informative, educational and always interactive. Rob has never judged for us before, but I’m sure he will again. He brought a new and different dimension to the way he presented his findings. The evening was much more interactive than usual, he actively encouraged comments and feedback. On occasions he used Lightroom to demonstrate “LIVE” improvements to images .

Rob reviewed and commented on 50 digital images and 38 members joined the video call to listen to his feedback, constructive comments and critique. When the final Top 8 were announced each of the winning authors was encouraged to give a short description of how they created their winning entry – and again Rob even then suggested areas of improvement. An excellent Competition Results night – Thank you Rob For more information about Rob Auckland please visit his website at https://www.robertaucklandweddingphotography.co.uk/Workshops/Workshops-home

Below is a Table of the Top 8 Digital Images and their authors.

Round 6 Digital Entry Author Place
Light Show Assynt Alan Grynyer 1st.
Angelo d’amore Dave Bruten 2nd.
Hotel at night Mark Seaman 3rd.
Thinkin bout the trail Mike Franks 4th,
Sunset Breaker Combesgate Bay Ray Grace 5th.
Italian Chapel Orkney Jenni Craft 6th.
Wild Flower Terry Cooper 7th.
Bristol Festival of Light Peter Range 8th.

Below are copies of the Top 3 Digital Images

First Place – Bristol Festival of Light by Alan Grynyer
Second Place “Angelo d’amore” by Dave Bruten

3rd. Place “Hotel at Night” by Mark Seaman

Additionally the Top 8 Digital Images can be found at – http://www.sypc.org.uk/gallery/index.php/2016-Competitions/2021-Competition-Results/2021-Bi-Monthly-Round-1-Top-8-Digital-Images

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