2021 – Round 3 – Bi Monthly Results – May 17th.

This was the 3rd. SYPC Bi Monthly member Competition. This month was our usual ‘Open Competition’. Normally we encourage members to submit 2 prints and 2 digital images to our Bi Monthly Competitions. However due to the logistical issues of collecting and delivering prints during the continuing “Covid” period, our Bi Monthly Competitions are digital entries only. The external judge for this 3rd 2021 Bi Monthly competition was Vincent Knauss from Tetbury Camera Club.

Vincent reviewed and commented on 40 digital images at our Zoom meeting. 36 members joined the video call to listen to Vincent’s constructive comments and critique. Vincent’s composition comments and suggestions were particularly well received where he was able to draw on his photographic experience to suggest both areas of each image that were a positive influence as well as pointing out other areas of potential improvement.

Thank you Vincent a thoroughly enjoyable evening and we are looking forward to your return to SYPC as a guest speaker in October.

Below is a table of the Top 8 Digital Images and their author’s name.

Round 3 Digital TitleAuthorPlace
Buchaille Etiv Mor AutumnRay Grace1st.
Rose Gertrude JekyellJenni Craft2nd.
Feng HuangAnette Wakefield3rd.
In the cold MistJohn Portlock4th.
Rotten BoatMark Seaman5th.
BalconiesDave Bruten6th.
Pink OrchidKevin James7th.
Happily retiredAlan Connor8th.

Below are copies of the Top 3 Digital Images



First Place “Buchaille Etiv Mor Autumn” by Ray Grace
2nd. Place “Rose Gertrude Jekyell” by Jenni Craft

3rd. Place “Feng Huang” by Annette Wakefield

Additionally the TOP 8 Digital Images can be found at – http://www.sypc.org.uk/gallery/index.php/2016-Competitions/2021-Competition-Results/2021-Bi-Monthly-Round-3-Top-8-Digital-Images

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