January 24th. 2022– ANDREA HARGREAVES (FIPF, MPAGB, BPE3, EFIAP/b) – “Art of Metamorphosis (Part 2)”

What an outstanding and totally immersive evening of “Fantasy” pictures we were treated to on Monday night. Andrea Hargreaves joined us last April with her Part 1 talk on “Metamorphosis”. We immediately asked her to return with her follow up “Metamorphosis Part 2” talk and it was that “Part 2” we saw on Monday. We were not disappointed one tiny bit.

Over a relatively short period of time Andrea has had an unbelievable Photography journey. Her first DSLR was purchased in 2008. Since then she has achieved numerous Distinctions and Accolades and last year she received a FELLOWSHIP of the Irish Photographic Federation 2021. Just look at the timeline and her major achievements below.

Andrea Hargreave’s photography challenges everyone’s idea of a comfort zone within the world of photography. Indeed we are well and truly immersed in a truly impressive world of creativity, imagination and photographic art.

Andrea has continuously demonstrated a real determination to learn what is required to take an originally straightforward photo which most club photographers would be more than pleased with and develop an idea into her fantasy world. Countless examples were on show in this latest presentation to SYPC emphasising that no one should be at all surprised by the number of accolades that have come her way.

I’m tempted to say that we were privileged to witness work of true genius.
Particularly impressive was her determination not to take the first image as almost the finished article. Far from it this would merely be the starting point.

We were constantly reminded that every part of each image was in fact her own work and that she had photographed every item included as well as the textures and backgrounds. But that is not enough for this photographer and so she creates her own brushes, too. Because Andrea only works with her own photos and other elements her library is extensive and can be adapted for all future photographic ideas.

Andrea loves her art and continues to take it to the next level. Her enthusiasm is infectious and her fantasy images absolutely outstanding and second to none. Typical of Andrea’s perfection and always striving for the next level is the little video she has created as part of her fantasy world of Dragons.
I commend all of Andrea’s work to you, explore her website, it can be found here – https://www.andreahargreaves.art/

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