2022 – Round 1 – Bi-Monthly Results – February 14th.

Last Monday night we held our first Bi-Monthly Competition for 2022. All SYPC members are encouraged to submit entries to the Bi-Monthly Competitions as we gain valuable constructive critique from the experienced judges we invite to these sessions. Normally our Bi-Monthly competitions have 2 categories, Prints and Projected Digital Images and members can submit 2 pictures in each category. Unfortunately during this time of continued Video Conferencing and the difficulty of safely handling Prints, when we aren’t meeting Face to Face, our Bi-Monthly Competitions are only for Projected Digital Images.

For the 1st. Bi-Monthly competition of 2022 there was no theme as it was an “Open Competition”. Caroline Preece was our judge. Caroline was a new judge to SYPC but she made such an impact we will be hoping to persuade her to return and judge again for us. The unique and constructive style Caroline used to suggest potential improvements was well received. Using the “Mark Up” facility within Zoom we were able to see immediately the areas that could be improved.

Caroline commented constructively on 34 digital images, for each image she was able to identify areas to improve the story and composition, perhaps declutter or simplify and many other constructive suggestions.

Thank You Caroline, we look forward to seeing you later in the year with your talk “Tools not Rules” and hopefully a return to SYPC in 2023 as a judge.

Below is a table of the Top 8 Images and their Authors

Round 1 Digital Image TitleAuthorPlace
Tea BreakJohn Portlock1st. Place
Whitby BayRichard Parker2nd. Place
Harbour WallLinda Parker3rd. Place
Taking a BreakGraham Harlin4th. Place
WatersplashPeter Range5th. Place
Harvest MouseAnnette Wakefield6th. Place
West Burton FallsRay Grace7th. Place
Bubble of JoyEve Aylott8th. Place

Below are copies of the Top 3 Digital Images

1st. Place – “Tea Break” by John Portlock

2nd. Place “Whitby Bay” by Richard Parker

3rd. Place “Harbour Wall” by Linda Parker

Additionally the Top 8 digital Images selected by Caroline can be found here – http://www.sypc.org.uk/gallery/index.php/2016-Competitions/2022-Competition-Results

At the moment SYPC hasn’t returned to Face to Face meetings. We continue to use Zoom for all our club meetings. However we monitor the situation regularly and hope to return to Face to Face meetings in the very near future.

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