21st. February 2022 OLIVER HERBOLD – “A landscape Photographer and the Lockdown”

On Monday evening Oliver Herbold was our guest speaker. Oliver was also our guest speaker in January 2021 with his talk “Long Exposure Photography” (See our report at – http://www.sypc.org.uk/2021/01/18th-january-2021-oliver-herbold-long-exposure-photography/). We enjoyed that first presentation so much we wanted to see his latest talk on how a Landscape Photographer coped when not able to enjoy his craft through the recent Covid-19 enforced Lockdowns.
During lockdown travelling was prohibited and Oliver decided to seek new opportunities and challenges that would take him out of his comfort zone and so leave behind his passion for Landscape photography to seek challenges closer to home.

Oliver initially turned to Macro Photography and a 100mm Macro Lens that he hadn’t really used since it was purchased second hand many years ago. Oliver’s initial attempts eventually delivered a unique image of the tip of a wood screw with a water droplet containing a reflection of a can of WD40. Unique!

Already Oliver found that he could address his passion of digital art but now applied to a unique Macro approach. Dandelion seeds with water droplets were his next project. However Oliver wasn’t satisfied with the results so moved to larger objects for his water droplet refractions. When these larger refractions were perfected Oliver moved back to the Dandelion Seeds and other household objects to produce quite stunning results for his “Macro Abstract Art”.

Taking Refracted light to another level, Oliver demonstrated another set of effects with light moving through air and water with more household items.

Next Oliver took a short walk around his wooded area to photograph wild flowers but unusually with a 400mm Prime lens! The benefit of the long lens was to compress the background to produce a smooth effect, the downside was the 3.5 metre minimum focus distance – good eyesight needed !

The second half commenced with some Night Sky Wonders and here we had another treat. Oliver’s plan was to photograph the arch of the Milky Way over May Hill. A real challenge as the area has a large amount of light pollution. These images were accompanied by a Time Lapse of about 2 hours taken on a separate camera whilst Oliver was working on his more conventional shots.

Our next example was a Panorama of 48 images to capture the sky and foreground of the River Severn horseshoe from Symonds Yat Rock. These images were blended to reduce noise.

Lockdown temporarily over – so Oliver return to his passion of travelling to take landscapes and seascapes and adding his magic of digital art.

“Magic” Mushrooms now in the Forest of Dean. These mushrooms appear to have light emanating from the inside. Stunning yet again. Technical details on ‘how to’ can be found on Oliver’s You Tube Channel.

“No matter how long a lockdown last – It will always come to an end” – Oliver Herbold 21/02/2022 at SYPC.

An outstanding evening of fantastic images and techniques. His willingness to share the “how” and “where” and “why” just made the whole evening a memorable experience.
Thank you Oliver – we look forward to your 3rd. visit to SYPC.
Oliver’s website can be found at – https://www.herboldphotography.com/

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