14th March 2022 Sally Sallett – “Never underestimate an old woman with a camera”

On Monday evening Sally Sallet (ARPS CPAGB AFIAP BPE3) was our guest speaker with her talk “Never underestimate an old woman with a camera”. An interesting title but in fact the talk is really about Sally’s photographic journey and impressive it is as well. Sally’s talk really concentrated on the last 12 years of her life – or put another way, ever since she took Photography more seriously when she joined a local camera club. However, Sally has always taken pictures starting very young with the trusty black plastic Brownie 127. A camera that many of us had as our introduction to taking pictures.
At Sally’s second visit to her Camera Club (Wakefield), in 2011, she entered an A4 print competition – and her early morning canal picture was voted FIRST place. The competitive nature is immediately apparent and what an encouraging start to her journey with her new Camera Club.

Sally has become quite renown for her “arty” flower pictures but claims not to like or do Studio, Sport and Action, Landscape, Wildlife, and Birds. Despite that claim we then saw pictures from Studio, Sport and Action, Landscape, Wildlife, Birds and all the topics that Sally doesn’t really like! Sally summed up her likes and dislikes by stating that she doesn’t really like things that move, so perhaps this explains her love of statues, objects, still life, flowers and well-presented graphic Graffiti.
Insects was a topic she enjoyed during lockdown so we were treated to Macro and Close-ups of Butterflies, Moths, Ladybirds, Flies (greenbottles) and Dragonflies. During this section Sally displayed her pictures as Panels and groups –probably a throwback from her successful RPS panel submissions.
Sally continued to take us through more areas that she “doesn’t like to do” but by now we had all worked out how competitive by nature Sally really is, if there is a Competition, no matter what the topic, she will enter it.

A visit to an area she previously lived in was an interesting set of images. Over a period of about 2 days the whole street was converted into a Victorian scene for a BBC Drama, complete with horse drawn carriages. The Mono pictures captured by Sally created a typical Victorian scene.
Iphone pictures played a part as well – a picture from Skipton of a narrow road lined with blue bins – this picture has been accepted in exhibitions and won a FIAP ribbon. So, the message from Sally is “never underestimate a Phone picture”.
Flowers are now beginning to creep into her talk, which is clearly Sally’s passion. Some interesting pictures using the Pep Ventosa technique – where the photographer walks around the subject taking pictures, then in post processing they are stacked in layers and blended. An interesting result.
Ragged Victorians was another topic that has served Sally well in Competitions.
Still Life and her love of “arty” flowers– Sally’s passion and you can see why.

Finally, we move onto the section where Sally explains her awards and distinctions –
• 2013 her LRPS Panel
• 2014 CPAGB awarded – even here one of the pictures was from an Iphone
• 2016 ARPS – a flower theme of 15 A4 prints
• 2017 BPE3 was awarded
• 2017 AFIAP – including a PSA Gold medal

I quote from Sally –
“I get as much pleasure from FAFFING about with images in post-Production as taking them”.
Sally – likes to win but then her ethos is “it’s photography, enjoy it, it is fun, Oh and by the way I shoot everything”’
The whole evening reminded me of the CatchPhrase –

“Jack of all trades and master of none” – in Sally’s case this is turned on it’s head and becomes “Jack of all trades and master of them all”…

If you enjoy photography, no matter what the topic this talk is for you. It was a thoroughly enjoyable evening, the comments from our members was a clear indication how much it was enjoyed by all. Let’s hope we can see Sally at SYPC with her next talk about the 2 years in Lockdown.

For more about Sally – https://wakefieldcameraclub.org.uk/photo-gallery-page/sally-sallett/

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