2022 – Bi-Monthly Round 3 Results – May 23rd.

Throughout the year SYPC have a schedule of 6 bi-monthly competitions where members can optionally submit 2 digital images. All the bi-monthly competitions provide an excellent opportunity for members to hear an experienced judge assess their prowess, both technically and artistically. All our members are welcome, to participate in the competitions as it is an excellent way of showing their work to others, and of getting constructive feedback from a competent judge.
Unfortunately, our scheduled external judge wasn’t available and at short notice we turned to our SYPC President, Ray Grace (ARPS DPAGB), who “volunteered” to lead the critique of the images and judge our projected digital submissions via a Zoom meeting. Ray’s prowess and proficiency at Photography, Post Processing and mentoring is second to none. He is well known within the photography community, we are very lucky to have him as our President at SYPC and for him to be our judge for Round 3.
Ray critiqued and constructively commented on 30 images submitted by our members, giving each author potential areas for improvement and tips on the processing necessary to improve. After selecting his favourite image from each pair of images and explaining why he preferred that image this set of 15 were submitted into the next Round for consideration as winners.
Ray had also submitted two of his own images to this Competition but it was the turn of the members to critique Rays 2 images and select their favourite to move into the next Round.
Ray then selected his Top 8 images and the members voted where Ray’s image sat within the 30 images in that Round. Giving us a Top 9 images.

Below is a Table of the Top 9 images and their authors..

Round 3 Digital Image TitleAuthorPlace
Leopard 1Annette Wakefield 1st. Place
Harbour DuskJohn Portlock2nd. Place
SerenityRay Grace=3rd. Place
Freezing FogEric D’costa=3rd. Place
Collecting PollenPeter Alford4th. Place
Spooky GraffitiEve Aylott5th. Place
Early DaffsKevin James6th. Place
FrozenDavid Clarke7th. Place
Walking in the landscapeLinda Parker8th. Place

Below are copies of the Top 3 Projected Digital Images.

1st Place – “Leopard1” by Annette Wakefield
2nd. Place “Harbour Dusk” by John Portlock

=3rd. Place “Freezing Fog” by Eric D’Costa

=3rd. Place “Serenity” by Ray Grace

Additionally the Top 8 Digital Images and a copy of the Top 3 Prints can be seen in the Competition Tab of this website at –http://www.sypc.org.uk/gallery/index.php/2016-Competitions/2022-Competition-Results/2022-Bi-Monthly-Round-3-Digital-Images

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