David Burnett – It’s not all Bier and Wurst.

Members were treated to a pleasurable and fascinating visual journey through the countryside and towns of Bavaria. This was a trip inspired by a travel guide, but a trip that included fascinating images of the unique architecture of the area.

David Burnett supported his images with a very interesting dialog that included not only a commentary about modern Bavaria, but also many interesting historical events relating to some of the earliest European settlements, Roman times, winemaking, the German Unification Movement of the 1870 and of course, the legacy of German National Socialism.
The journey began with images that had originally been captured on slide film and successfully been transposed to digital. We then travelled digitally through wine making regions and towns of historical interest. We even visited the location of scenes from the film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang!
Another wonderful evening of captivating images and commentary which was thoroughly enjoyed by club members and visitors alike.
The guide that inspired David is ‘Back Road Germany, an eyewitness guide.’
The towns featured in David’s photographs were:
Hochheim, Wiesbaden. Kiedrich, Schloss Johannisberg, Rudesheim.
Braunfels. Konigsstein, Bamberg. Bayreuth. Ansbach, Nuremberg.
othenburg ob der Tauber.

SYPC – Annual Presentations and American Supper – Dec 19th. 2016

The evening of Monday December 19th was a members evening for our Annual Presentation and American Supper. This is always a fun evening and this year it was no exception. The evening followed our usual pattern of Presentations, our Buffet Supper, and a Raffle and finally our Macro Photographic quiz put together by our own Brian Pountney.
Brian has a knack of finding everyday objects and turning them into obscure images by photographing them from both unusual angles and highly magnified. The 21 strange images that we puzzled over were studied by us all with variable degrees of success. Eventually our winner (for the second year) was Cathy Fordham, who managed to identify 14 images correctly.
The main purpose of the evening was to present the winners of each of our 2016 competitions with their certificates and trophies. We hold 6 Bi-monthly print and digital Image competitions throughout the year as well as 7 annual competitions. Below are the winners and runners up for these competitions –

Competition Position



The 6 Bi Monthly Prints 1 Ray Grace Overall winner
The 6 Bi Monthly Prints =2 Eileen Scantlebury Overall equal 2nd
The 6 Bi Monthly Prints =2 Pete Atkins Overall equal 2nd
The 6 Bi Monthly Projected Images 1 Ray Grace Overall winner
The 6 Bi Monthly Projected Images =2 Cathy Fordham Overall equal 2nd
The 6 Bi Monthly Projected Images =2 Rob Webb Overall equal 2nd
Clive Andrew (AV) 1 The SYPC AV Group Flower Power
Clive Andrew (AV) 2 Terry Cooper Lanzerote we Went
Clive Andrew (AV) 3 John Scantlebury Water Water
Presidents Choice 1 Stuart Lewis Buzzard – Will this take my weight
Presidents Trophy 1 Eileen Scantlebury Ragged Victorians
Presidents Trophy 2 Stuart Lewis At the Steam Fair
Presidents Trophy 3 Pete Atkins Children being Children
Brian Barnett 1 Carole Brown Iceland
Brian Barnett 2 Pete Atkins Girl in Red
Brian Barnett 3 Pete Alford Avebury
Hilda Barnett 1 Lynne Smithson Overall winner
Enprints 1 Carole Brown The new Victorians: Rise of SW1 Skyline
Enprints 2 Stuart Lewis At the Yeovilton Airshow
Enprints 3 John Scantlebury Caen Hill Locks
Poetry 1 Eileen Scantlebury Cousins at a Photoshoot