6th March 2017 – Roger Mallison and “ The making of an Audio-Visual display”

Roger opened the evening by taking photographs of club members preparing for this much anticipated evening. He also shot a short video of members sat together in the audience. Roger then proceeded to give a series of short but gripping lessons on how to prepare these images for inclusion in an Audio-Visual display using the wildly available software PicturesToExe.


Roger covered every aspect of the process. He also gave us very clear and concise advice about the laws relating to audio copyright.



The audio for this evening of AV preparation came from none other than our very own Club Secretary Clive Rushton.



It was wonderful to be able to see and enjoy the finished product. Roger started the evening with nothing, but ended it with an A-V that we were all part of. Members thoroughly enjoyed being part of this unique A-V creation.Roger’s experience, calm patience and humor took away much of the mystery surrounding the creation of an audio-visual presentation to a professional standard. He clearly inspired many members to have a go at producing their own audio-visual presentations.

The evening closed with one of Roger’s personal audio-visual presentations, the hugely entertaining and very funny A-V – ‘The Street’.

Visit http://www.wnsoft.com/en/picturestoexe/help/ for more tutorials and guides to picturesToExe.

Feb 27th. Derwood Pamphilon – Dance, Portraiture & Derelict Environments

Derwood went back to his hobby of photography with a vengeance after retiring just 5 and half years ago. He developed his interest in portraiture armed with just a Nikon D80 and a spare bedroom. He quickly progressed from what he described as ‘Basic’ images to what we in the audience would consider as complex and compelling.
Derwood showed digital and print images from his performance photography collection that captured the essence of all that is graceful and emotive in ballet. His images were characterised by light, graceful movements that were captured at just the right moment.
We also enjoyed a selection of photographs that were captured using models photographed in a wide range of derelict environments such as a disused swimming pool that has been preserved as a studio and other derelict factories. Some of these images were inspiring examples of what can be achieved using gentle compositing skills.
Another outstanding evening that was enjoyed by members of all different ages and abilities.
You can see more of Derwood’s work by visiting his website using this link: http://www.derwoodphotography.com/

Come back soon Derwood!

20th February 2017 – Paul Barnet and “A Wrecker’s Tale.”

Who could possibly have known, following the intentional beaching of a small fleet of semi-redundant timber lighters (boats) in the winter of 1909, to strengthen the nearby eroding canal bank, that the Purton Ships’ Graveyard would eventually number some 81 vessels and in turn represent the largest collection of maritime artefacts on the foreshore of mainland Britain today.

We were treated to a wonderful narrative and pictorial display of the fascinating history of the ships that were part of the fabric of the area, so many of the ships wrecked in Purton have their own unique history.

A history that Paul and his volunteer colleagues are investigating and documenting for future generations. Sadly the site, as it stands, has no legal protection and it is this that has culminated in the formation of the Friends of Purton, a dedicated group of like-minded individuals who, through an ongoing quest, hope to secure these remains of archaeological interest.

A wonderful and truly inspirational talk that was supported by a fantastic collection of photographs that served to remind us all of days gone by and people who worked and lived on the vessels featured during this exceptional evening.

30th January 2017. SYPC Special Interest Groups.

Another active members’ interest evening at which we were treated to a summary of the work and output from the special interest groups that form part of our Club.
First up was the ‘Thursday Morning’ Photoshop group. Our President, Ray Grace ARPS DPAGB gave an example of how a digital photograph can be manipulated in Photoshop in order to improve light, shadow and clarity. Ray also showed us an example of a photograph that had been altered to include an alternative sky.
This was followed by some captivating audio-video presentations that had been created by the leader of our AV group, Brian Pountney. Brian also showed us the amazing transitions that can be used in the software that the group use – Picturestoexe8.
The evening continued after the break with some stunning examples of images that had been captured using long exposure techniques. Mark Seaman and Hugh Jones showed the club how images can be captured in a unique way by the use of long exposures and Neutral Density filters for landscape and river or water photography, where colors can be transformed, and running waters can be viewed in a totally different way to which we are use to seeing it.

Kevin James rounded off the evening with a display of printed images from his magnificent portrait portfolio. Kevin shared the steps he takes to capture his amazing images and the papers, inks and printer that he uses. Kevin also spoke about lighting and his preferred image manipulation software – Photoshop Elements.

23rd January 2017. Members’ Camera Craft Evening.

The Club enjoyed yet another ‘Full House’ for this much anticipated members evening.  The session began with a discussion about possible locations for a club week or weekend of photography.  Iceland, Barcelona, Venice and Bath were some of the places given consideration. Nothing has been arranged or confirmed as yet.

Members formed into small groups to discuss portrait, close-up, still life and action shot scenarios. The groups fed-back their conclusions and the things that they had learnt about setting up their cameras to the defined scenario and hence how they will capture better images in the future.

The evening closed with a discussion about composition that included tips on the importance of lead-in lines, exposure mode and focus points.

Jim Elsworth – The Pubs of Chipping Sodbury

Another welcome visit from local historian Jim Elsworth. Jim took us back to the time when Chipping Sodbury was established as a new market town, then onto the events and historical highlights that contributed to the establishment of at least 22 public houses that served and supported events and people such as the drovers that travelled through Chipping Sodbury from Wales to London, the 60 American servicemen that were stationed in the town, and the huge crowds that were regular visitors attending not just the market days and hunts, but also special events such as Harold MacMillan’s visit to the town.

Jim’s presentation included an overview of the style of properties built in the town and the effect that events such as the Great Fire of London and Georgian fashion had on existing and new buildings.

Whist Jim isn’t a practicing photographer, he enthralled members with a combination of his charming and informative manner and his wonderful collection of photographs, digitised film, extensive knowledge and a fascinating copy of a medieval features map that all served to create a thoroughly enjoyable and interesting evening.

David Burnett – It’s not all Bier and Wurst.

Members were treated to a pleasurable and fascinating visual journey through the countryside and towns of Bavaria. This was a trip inspired by a travel guide, but a trip that included fascinating images of the unique architecture of the area.

David Burnett supported his images with a very interesting dialog that included not only a commentary about modern Bavaria, but also many interesting historical events relating to some of the earliest European settlements, Roman times, winemaking, the German Unification Movement of the 1870 and of course, the legacy of German National Socialism.
The journey began with images that had originally been captured on slide film and successfully been transposed to digital. We then travelled digitally through wine making regions and towns of historical interest. We even visited the location of scenes from the film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang!
Another wonderful evening of captivating images and commentary which was thoroughly enjoyed by club members and visitors alike.
The guide that inspired David is ‘Back Road Germany, an eyewitness guide.’
The towns featured in David’s photographs were:
Hochheim, Wiesbaden. Kiedrich, Schloss Johannisberg, Rudesheim.
Braunfels. Konigsstein, Bamberg. Bayreuth. Ansbach, Nuremberg.
othenburg ob der Tauber.

SYPC – Annual Presentations and American Supper – Dec 19th. 2016

The evening of Monday December 19th was a members evening for our Annual Presentation and American Supper. This is always a fun evening and this year it was no exception. The evening followed our usual pattern of Presentations, our Buffet Supper, and a Raffle and finally our Macro Photographic quiz put together by our own Brian Pountney.
Brian has a knack of finding everyday objects and turning them into obscure images by photographing them from both unusual angles and highly magnified. The 21 strange images that we puzzled over were studied by us all with variable degrees of success. Eventually our winner (for the second year) was Cathy Fordham, who managed to identify 14 images correctly.
The main purpose of the evening was to present the winners of each of our 2016 competitions with their certificates and trophies. We hold 6 Bi-monthly print and digital Image competitions throughout the year as well as 7 annual competitions. Below are the winners and runners up for these competitions –

Competition Position



The 6 Bi Monthly Prints 1 Ray Grace Overall winner
The 6 Bi Monthly Prints =2 Eileen Scantlebury Overall equal 2nd
The 6 Bi Monthly Prints =2 Pete Atkins Overall equal 2nd
The 6 Bi Monthly Projected Images 1 Ray Grace Overall winner
The 6 Bi Monthly Projected Images =2 Cathy Fordham Overall equal 2nd
The 6 Bi Monthly Projected Images =2 Rob Webb Overall equal 2nd
Clive Andrew (AV) 1 The SYPC AV Group Flower Power
Clive Andrew (AV) 2 Terry Cooper Lanzerote we Went
Clive Andrew (AV) 3 John Scantlebury Water Water
Presidents Choice 1 Stuart Lewis Buzzard – Will this take my weight
Presidents Trophy 1 Eileen Scantlebury Ragged Victorians
Presidents Trophy 2 Stuart Lewis At the Steam Fair
Presidents Trophy 3 Pete Atkins Children being Children
Brian Barnett 1 Carole Brown Iceland
Brian Barnett 2 Pete Atkins Girl in Red
Brian Barnett 3 Pete Alford Avebury
Hilda Barnett 1 Lynne Smithson Overall winner
Enprints 1 Carole Brown The new Victorians: Rise of SW1 Skyline
Enprints 2 Stuart Lewis At the Yeovilton Airshow
Enprints 3 John Scantlebury Caen Hill Locks
Poetry 1 Eileen Scantlebury Cousins at a Photoshoot