21st August 2017 – The WCPF 2017 Members Exhibition

This event was an opportunity for members to view a portfolio of the Western Counties Photographic Federation (WCPF) Members Exhibition. The Exhibition was in 2 categories, Prints and Projected Images. In total there were over 680 projected images all set to music. Whilst sitting through such a vast number of images was thought to be daunting, the quality of the display was absolutely outstanding. It was a real privilege to view these in one sitting.
Members were thrilled and inspired by the sheer breath and quality of so many artistic and real-life stunning images that we were able to view during this busy club evening.
WCPF Images Selected can be viewed by selecting and clicking on this link:

Background information about the WCPF
The Western Counties Photographic Federation (WCPF) was formed in 1932 and is one of fifteen Federations that are affiliated to the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain (PAGB) and ultimately to the FIAP – “Fédération International de l’Art Photographique”.

Currently over 100 clubs are in the Federation from across Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, Dorset and South Gloucester.as far East as Weymouth, as far North as Stroud and across into Swindon in Wiltshire.


The prime purpose of the WCPF is to encourage the art and practice of photography directly to members and clubs throughout its catchment area, supporting/liaising with other Federations and the PAGB, ensuring local views and interests feature in national debate.
The WCPF is run by an Executive Committee of volunteers (nominated and elected by club delegates), together with co-opted members.

7th August 2017 – Martin Evans – The Bloodhound Supersonic Car (SSC)

This was a different type of presentation from our normal Monday evening guest speaker. This was about a feat of Engineering and determination populated by both video and many images all of which were well received. Our Members were delighted to be able to welcome Bloodhound SSC Ambassador – Martin Evans


Bloodhound SSC 



Martin covered the whole range of topics that make up the exciting history of the World Land Speed Record.  We learnt that the land speed record (LSR) is the speed over a course of a measured mile, averaged over two runs. Two runs are required in opposite directions within one hour, and a new record must exceed the previous one by at least one percent to be validated

Martin explained that the journey began December 18th 1898, when Frenchman Gaston de Chasseloup-Laubat reached an astonishing 39.24 mph driving a Jeantaud Duc electric powered car.


1898 Electric car 39mph


Martin took us through many of the interesting record attempts, including the controversy that arose in 1963, when the ‘Spirit of America’ was not recognised due to it being a three-wheeler!

We were treated to photographs of drivers and their cars, including Major Sir Malcolm Campbell MBE and his 22.3 litre V12 Bluebird.

The main thrust of Martin’s presentation was of course the current attempt to reach 1000 mph in Bloodhound. We enjoyed learning about the engineering challenges that face the team, the interaction with Schools and Universities which clearly enthuses and encourages our next generation of Engineers.

Martin referred to the tremendous commitment and hard work of Richard Nobel OBE. Richard was himself the driver and holder of the land speed record (633 mph) between 1983 and 1997 in Thrust 2 (a rocket propelled car).


Thrust 2 – Rocket Propelled 633mph




Richard Noble was also the Project Director for Thrust SSC the vehicle that holds the current record of 763mph. He is now the ‘driving’ force behind the Bloodhound SSC project.


Thrust SSC – 763 mph



We had a cockpit view of practice runs in Bloodhound’s predecessor – Thrust SSC, driven by Wing Commander Andy Green in 1997 at Black Rock Desert in Nevada. Andy Green will also be the driver for the attempt on the record in the Bloodhound SSC at 1000 mph

You can learn more or support the project by visiting the Bloodhound SSC website at:


31st. July 2017- An Evening with Lynne & Adrian Smithson

We were treated to another special evening at SYPC on Monday July 31st. This time it was a members evening where Lynne (LRPS) and Adrian (LRPS) Smithson presented an evening of over 150 outstanding prints.

Lynne and Adrian made the evening even more special by offering a narrative about each print explaining the ‘when’, ‘where’ and ‘how’ each was created and what post processing was necessary to create the effect and impact. We also saw prints that dated back to the film days of the 1980’s. A far different world to the Digital age we have now.

Below are 2 prints from Adrian.


We saw their journey of photography with landscapes from all corners of the UK and Europe for example –

Slimbridge WWT, Weston Super Mare, Bristol Harbourside, Bath, Cornwall, Snowdonia, Kent and Brighton which was one of their favorite locations. Then we were introduced to some of their trips to Europe including Prague, Saltzburg, Bruge and Paris – again just to name  a few.

These 2 prints are from Lynne

The whole evening was exceptionally well received by all at SYPC and it demonstrated what skills Lynne and Adrian have – clearly they are an asset to our club.


24th July 2017 – Being Digital by Matt Revell

Another stunning evening at SYPC on Monday night. Matt Revell took us through his ‘Being Digital’ presentation and it was outstanding. Matt started his photographic journey in 2011, and what a portfolio he has developed in those 6 years. The presentation was even more impressive when you realise that Matt also holds down a full time job as an Engineer.

Matt broke the evening up into 3 sections –

For the first section he took us through his logic and thought processes when preparing for and actually taking the shot. Here he also talks about his kit (stressing that his kit is a tool) and it is the image that is paramount.

The next sections were the body of the presentation where we saw over 150 excellent digital images on Landscapes, Portraiture and Glamour.

Each image Matt was able to describe the how and why he took the shot and the level of post processing required to create the desired effect and impact.


This was an excellent and enjoyable evening of Digital Images.





Much of Matt’s work is very local to our area and it really brought home just what is available if you ‘look’ and ‘plan’.



We look forward to seeing Matt Revell at SYPC in the near future

2017 Bi-Monthly Round 4 Competition Results – July 17th 2017

SYPC have a schedule of 6 bi-monthly competitions where members can optionally submit 2 prints and/or 2 digital images. All the bi-monthly competitions provide an excellent opportunity for members to hear an experienced judge assess their prowess, both technically and artistically.

Professor Bob Ryan (ARPS, FRPS) was the external judge for our 2017 Bi Monthly Round 4 competition. Bob critiqued and constructively commented on 78 images (26 prints and 52 Digital Images) submitted by our members. After selecting his favorite image from each pair of images and explaining why he preferred that image, Bob then selected his Top 8 Digital and Top 8 Prints announcing the results in reverse order.

Bob’s relaxed, yet professional style, of constructively commenting on all our images was extremely well received as was the humor he brought to the evening.

Below is a Table of the Top 8 images and their authors in each section.

Round 4 Prints Author Place
Autumn Reflections Lynne Smithson 1st.
Rob And Pete The Engineers Stuart Lewis 2nd.
Marina Night Mark Seaman 3rd.
Evening Glow Eileen Scantlebury 4th.
Westcombe Bay Ray Grace 5th.
Helleborus Margaret Snee 6th.
Princesshay Centre Exeter Carole Brown 7th.
Running Repairs John Scantlebury 8th.
Round 4 Digital Images Author Placed
Sunburnt Ray Grace 1st.
Between the Lines Robert Sage 2nd.
Trees in the mist Hugh Jones 3rd.
Steampunk Hat Cathy Fordham 4th.
Goth by Moonlight 2 Alan Grynyer 5th.
Waterwheel Eileen Scantlebury 6th.
Accordion Man Stuart Lewis 7th.
Pultney Bridge Pete Alford 8th.

Below is a copy of the 1st.place Print. 

“Autumn Reflections” by Lynne Smithson




Below is a copy of the 1st.place Digital Image.


“Sunburnt” by Ray Grace





Additionally the Top 8 Digital Images and a copy of the Top 3 Prints can be seen in the Competition Tab of this website.

19th. June 2017 – An American evening with Tony Gervis (FRPS)

Tony Gervis (FRPS) is a passionate traveler who took us through his photographic experiences whilst visiting America on more than 40 occasions over 25 years ! This is a  country that Tony clearly loves and that he will never tire from visiting.

What an evening of  entertainment we had, it was enthralling, outstanding images from various locations and complimented by an exceptional speaker.



Tony talked us through his adventures backed up by classic images and described in detail just how to get those special shots.

Tony claims to have an ‘idyllic’ life and from his images, his adventures and the sheer passion for what he enjoys, that is truly the case.

We had a whistle stop tour of the American National Parks, the Slot Canyons, the Waterfalls and Rivers, Wildlife, some near death experiences capturing lightening, Las Vegas and of course Tony’s passion the excitement of the American Rodeo.

I really hope that Tony will return to our club a second time with more stories and images from his travels.


A remarkable photographer and presenter – Thank you

12th. June 2017 – An evening with Roy Jacobson (CPAGB)

Roy Jacobson (CPAGB) A local photographer who took us on his personal journey.

Unfortunately our scheduled speaker was unable to attend on June 12th, and so at very short notice we approached Roy Jacobson, who willing stepped into the breach and what a treat we had.

Roy started his programme with his first love, which is clearly wildlife photography and in particular birds from both home and abroad. It was quite pleasing to see so many great shots taken at our local Wetland Centre at Slimbridge. This half concluded with a stunning and moving Audio Visual of his wildlife.

In the second half of his presentation Roy treated us to many stunning images of Aircraft in flight. Just how did so many of those images appear to be below the camera position – very clever. Again it was gratifying to see that these images mainly came from the International Air Tatoo at Fairford. Roy closed the evening with another stunning Audio Visual but this time matching both birds and Aircraft in flight.

Not only did Roy’s images hold our attention but his narrative with hints and tips made the whole evening really enjoyable.

We all hope that Roy will grace us with another presentation in the near future.

2017 Bi-Monthly Round 3 Competition Results May 8th 2017

SYPC have a schedule of 6 bi-monthly competitions, where members can optionally submit 2 prints and/or 2 digital images. All the bi-monthly competitions provide an excellent opportunity for members to hear an experienced judge assess their prowess, both technically and artistically. All our members are welcome, to participate in the competitions as it is an excellent way of showing their work to others, and of getting constructive feedback from a competent judge.

Michael Krier (ARPS, MA (Photography)) was the external judge for our 2017 Bi Monthly Round 3 Competition. Michael  was asked to critique and judge 28 Prints and 52 Digital Images. As part of his critique he chose his  favorite image, from each pair of images submitted by each author, and explained why he preferred that image. The chosen image then went through to Round 2 where Michael then chose his Top 8 Digital and Top 8 Prints announcing the results in reverse order.

Michael’s enthusiasm for photography and his constructive comments against all our images was well received. We all look forward to seeing Michael later this year when he returns to SYPC wih “an evening with Michael Krier”.

Below is a Table of the Top 8 images for the Print and Digital Image sections together with their authors.

Round 3 Prints Author Placed
 Tenacity  Ray Grace 1st.
 Hello There  Eileen Scantlebury 2nd.
 Lone Hawthorn  Carole Brown 3rd.
 Emma 1 Keith Blake 4th.
 Wells Cathedral Chairs  John Scantlebury 5th.
 Morning Shadow Mark Seaman 6th.
 Buzzard Stuart Lewis 7th.
Statue & Flower Margaret Snee 8th.
Round 3 Digital Images Author Placed
 A Very Cold Robin  Rob Webb 1st.
 Rob the Engineer Stuart Lewis 2nd.
 The End of a Long Walk Terry Cooper 3rd.
 A Taste Of The Orient Cathy Fordham 4th.
 The Lake Bob Sage 5th.
 Stourhead John Scantlebury 6th.
 The Sermon Pete Atkins 7th.
 Pink Lady Graham Harlin 8th.

Below – is the 1st Place Digital Image



“A very cold Robin” by Rob Webb




And a digital copy of the first place Print



“Tenacity” by Ray Grace




Additionally a copy of the Top 8 Digital Images and a digital copy of the top 3 Prints can be found in the Competition Tab of this Website.


11th April 2017 – Visit of North West Bristol Club to SYPC

Last year a small group of SYPC members visited the North West Bristol Camera Club (NWBCC), in order to share with NWBCC some typical work of our SYPC members. This year on April 11th. 2017, NWBCC attended our club, in order to share with us some typical work of their membership. Effectively a reciprocal arrangement to share and exchange views. Without a doubt the latest evening was a complete success and SYPC was enthralled with the Professionalism, Enthusiasm, Quality and Range of the material presented. Below is a short summary of the 4 topics presented together with a small sample of the digital images.

Sandie Cox (ARPS,CPAGB) – Sandie is no stranger to our club, we have already seen Sandie as a judge in 2017 and in 2018 Sandie  is scheduled to talk to us about one of her many Photographic Trips. Sandie presented a collection of ‘some’ of her favorite prints. We were fortunate as we were able to observe a judge critiquing her own work – fascinating. The prints were exceptional and it was clear that Sandie was most at home with her Natural History Wild Animal work, particularly the larger animals like Elephants and Cheetahs to name just 2. So we all look forward to seeing more of that in 2018.

Phillipa Crabbe – Phillipa treated us to a fascinating presentation of Macro ‘like’ bugs and insects. She did warn us before she started the presentation, but in truth they were all quite sweet and cuddly ! We saw a variety of quite beautiful bees, hover flies, butterflies and many other flying insects.

It was clear that Phillipa was enthralled with her topic and was both passionate and extremely knowledgeable about the whole subject. We were also intrigued that Philippa managed all these exquisite digital images, hand held with a small compact Canon camera. This just shows what can be achieved with patience and a passion. As we have said many times at our club it isn’t all about Pixels, but Composition and Patience plays a huge part.

Phil Jenkins – showed us about 20 digital images based in and around the Somerset and Dorset Railway Trust and the West Somerset Railway. One of the highlights of the presentation was clearly Phil at the controls driving a REAL Steam Train.

It was abundantly clear that Phil’s first love was as a Steam Rail enthusiast. His technical knowledge of the Steam Trains and their history was second to none. Phil’s enthusiasm was infectious so much so that I’m certain that some of us will be taking a trip to Minehead to explore the West Somerset Railway at first hand.

Ralph Snook (ARPS EFIAP DPAGB) –We also know Ralph quite well at SYPC as he has judged and presented to us before. Ralph walked us through an excellent set of digital images taken on a recent photographic trip to Bulgaria. Whilst presenting the images Ralph articulated a number of humorous stories about the frustrations associated with trying to capture fast moving birds (Hoopoe and Bee Eaters) and small mammals (Souslik). However that said the images were truly outstanding and as a presentation package it was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

2017 – Opening of SYPC Annual Print Exhibition – March 27th 2017

SYPC holds an Annual Exhibition of Prints. This year we returned to Yate Library where our members have selected and displayed 43 framed prints. All these prints can be viewed by the public free of charge. The exhibition was opened on the evening of March 27th. and will be available to view, in Yate Library, from March 28th. until April 22nd.

This year we invited Cllr. Matthew Riddle to open the exhibition. Cllr. Riddle is the leader of South Gloucestershire District Council and the Councillor for Severn. As well as formally declaring the exhibition ‘open’ Cllr. Riddle was asked to review the prints on display and to select his favourite 3. The winning print, selected by Cllr. Riddle, will form the basis of the cover on our 2019 annual handbook. Additionally the winner will have their prints displayed in ‘pride of place’ at our annual exhibition in 2019.

Cllr. Riddle reviewing some of the Prints on display

Cllr. Riddle complimented the membership on the variety and high standard of the prints on display.

His favourite 3 prints (in reverse order) were –

3d. place – The Copper Coast by Dave Bruten

2nd. Place – The Sermon by Pete Atkins

1st. Place – They come in all Sizes by Eileen Scantlebury

Please come along and view the prints and leave any comments in the visitor’s handbook, the book will be in a prominent position. The exhibition will remain on display for 4 weeks until April 22nd.