SYPC – Annual Presentations and American Supper – Dec 18th. 2017

The evening of Monday December 18th was the last SYPC club meeting of 2017. As usual the last meeting of the year is reserved for Presentations, an American Supper and of course our Photographic quiz.

This is always a fun evening and this year it was no exception. The evening followed the usual format of Presentations, our Buffet Supper,  a Raffle and finally our Macro Photographic quiz put together by our own Brian Pountney.

Brian has a knack of finding everyday objects and turning them into obscure images by photographing them from an unusual angle and highly magnified. The 20 strange images that we puzzled over were studied, with varying degrees of success. Our winner  this year, with a healthy score of 19, was Eric D’Costs. The score of 19 was even more impressive when you consider that some of us didn’t even make double figures !

The main purpose of the evening was to present all our 2017 Competition winners  with their certificates and trophies. We hold 6 Bi-monthly print and digital Image Competitions throughout the year as well as 8 annual Competitions.

Below are the winners and runners up for all these competitions –

Competition Position



The 6 Bi Monthly Prints 1 Ray Grace Overall winner
The 6 Bi Monthly Prints 2 Mark Seaman Second
The 6 Bi Monthly Prints 3 Stuart Lewis Third
The 6 Bi Monthly Projected Images 1 Cathy Fordham Overall winner
The 6 Bi Monthly Projected Images 2 Ray Grace Second
The 6 Bi Monthly Projected Images 3 Rob Webb Third
Clive Andrew (AV) 1 Eric D’Costa Costa Rica
Clive Andrew (AV) 2 John Scantlebury Ragged Victorians
Clive Andrew (AV) 3 Cathy Fordham Mr. Strange
Presidents Choice 1 Cathy Fordham Mr. Strange
Presidents Trophy 1 Mark Seaman Portishead Marina
Presidents Trophy 2 Carole Brown Images of Iceland
Presidents Trophy 3 John Scantlebury Ragged Victorian Portraits
Brian Barnett 1 Hugh Jones SS Nornen
Brian Barnett 2 Pete Atkins Girl in Red
Brian Barnett 3 Carole Brown West Iceland Waterfalls
Hilda Barnett 1 Cathy Fordham Overall winner
Hilda Barnett 2 Carole Brown Second
Hilda Barnett 3 Eileen Scantlebury Third
Enprints 1 Peter Veale Lyme Regis in September
Enprints 2 Peter Range Doors in Old Town Madeira
Enprints 3 Dennis May Boating for Leisure and Pleasure
Poetry 1 Dave Bruten George and the Dragon