Portrait session

Yesterday evening we had a studio style portrait session, organised by our club chairman, Paul Kessler.

We all had an enjoyable time taking photographs of Steph, and for many of us this was our first time taking photographs using studio flashes with proper lighting! It also gave opportunity for those with less experience with some of the manual controls of their cameras to try something new!

Pictures of Skye

We have recently been treated to a talk by Adrian Smithson LRPS, entitled Pictures of Skye, with images contributed by Ray Grace ARPS DPAGB, Helen Hayes and Lynne Smithson LRPS.

The Old Man of Storr by Ray Grace


The evening was a great success, and we saw various images which illustrated the landscape of the whole of Skye, in various weather conditions, as well as hearing anecdotes, and being subjected to Adrian’s humorous puns! The images above of The Old Man of Storr by Ray Grace, is just one example of the excellent images we enjoyed seeing. We were told that they would be returning to Skye at a different time of year, so hopefully in the future we will be able to compare how the seasons change the landscape at Skye.

Masai Mara Migration

This week we were lucky enough to have a wonderful presentation by Pam and Eddy Lane (both ARPS DPAGB) on the subject of Masai Mara Migration; a safari trip documenting both the safari trip itself, and the wildlife found on the Masai Mara. Lions, cheetahs, elephants, hippopotamuses, vultures, jackals, crocodiles, and of course the wildebeest for which the talk is named, all made an appearance in the images we were shown.

Presidents Evening

The Presidents Evening, hosted by our President (of course!) Steve Wharram, was an enjoyable evening based on what “local” means to us, the members. The first half of the evening we were shown images from each of those members who had given their images to the President, with comments to explain them.

The second half of the evening consisted of the President showing a variety of his own images, with an explanation for each of them – where they were taken, and why.

An enjoyable evening was had by all, so thank you to everyone who had pictures shown on the evening!

If you would like to see more of Steve Wharrams images, his blog The Wobbley Lens has more for you to check out!

Mike Lane – Stand in!

Monday 6th August saw last minute stand-in Mike Lane give a wonderfully varied presentation of his wildlife photography. Not only did we see some very high quality images, we also got to hear a bit about the places he went to get the pictures, how the equipment and hides were set up, the patience sometimes required for that perfect picture, and how some of the images could be done by ourselves.

Many thanks to Mike for being a last minute stand in for Peter Preece. To see more about Mike and his work, more information can be found at his website at focus4nature.

David Boag – The world of a wildlife photographer

Renowned wildlife photographer and author David Boag gave a fantastic talk on Monday evening, giving us an overview of the variety of subjects and locations that he has photographed over the years. The main focus of the talk was to answer some of the most common questions he has been asked over the years, and so rather than focussing narrowly on any specific subject, instead allowed the audience to sample the wealth of Davids fantastic photographs.

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Three Way Battle 2012

It’s that time of year again when we prepare to do battle on a rainy day in May.

The battle ground has been chosen around the Portishead/Clevedon Coast Path, bounded by the red line shown on the attached maps. (Map 1, Map 2, Map 3, Map 4)

Date: 13th May 2012

Time: 00:00 to 24:00

The usual rules apply:

  • All photos to be taken on 13th May
  • Images must be taken from inside the area shown on the map.
  • Images may be cropped.
  • Image adjustments are allowed as long as they are applied to the whole image. Local adjustments are not allowed.
  • 25 images from each club to be submitted to Eileen Scantlebury (treasurer@sypc.org.uk) 13, Goose Green, Frampton Cotterell, Bristol BS36 2EB  by 10th August 2012
  • Images to be have a max width of 1400 px and a max height of 1050 px in JPEG format.
  • Files to be submitted in a folder (e.g SYPC) and named with title only (e.g. Sunny Day in Clevedon.jpg).

Judging will be hosted by Sodbury & Yate Photographic Club at 19:45 on Monday 10th September at:

The Old Grammar School
Broad Street
Chipping Sodbury

Happy snapping and may the best club win!

Best regards,


Paul Kessler, Sodbury and Yate Photographic Club Chairmain